Once there was a girl who dreamt of  owning the complete set of Nancy Drew mystery books,  of having a room full of  Hello Kitty things, and of having Robert Downey Jr. for a boyfriend.   She read  “The Little Prince” at five (and thought herself smart  for knowing what a boa constrictor was) and  “Gone With the Wind” at twelve.  She wrote poetry and  used that talent to land a hosting stint in a kids’ television show called “The Children’s Hour”.
She dreamt of being a lawyer, of traveling the world and of being a pianist or an athlete.  She read everything she could get her hands on.  She grew up without a phone in the house and wrote her college application essay (entitled “METAMORPHOSIS”) using a rickety typewriter.

Presently, that girl has a small library in her house, her daughter just had a Hello Kitty party some months back and she still adores RDJ.  She is a lawyer, travels when time permits, and has a son who plays the piano and swims like a shark.  She now has a working phone in her home.  Her immediate goal is to learn how to be tech-savvy so she can write stories with ease in her blog.  Luckily, most of her dreams have come true  (in one form or another) while more are still in the making.

For now, my readers, that is all I can say about the girl who once dreamed  … the same girl who grew up  to become THE BUSY QUEEN P 🙂

** Miss Busy Queen P has shared her adventures, thus far, in the pages of Manila Standard (as a lifestyle and fashion columnist), Manila Bulletin (as parenting columnist) and in ONEMEGA.COM (as a lifestyle columnist).

With love, gratitude and a pocketful of glitter,

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