Godzilla vs Kong A New Empire is now the number one movie in the world! The movie depicts the epic battle between two legendary cinematic behemoths known to us all – Godzilla  and Kong. Director Adam Wingard keeps the audience glued to the edge of their seats as he brings us to an all new adventure that pits the two against an undiscovered threat hidden in the depths of this world — one which threatens our very existence.

Kong Rules!

The cast includes Rebecca Hall, Bran Henry, Kaylee Hottle and Fala Chen who all make the story more endearing but nonetheless most exciting. The Titan team up against new monsters is something that will make moviegoers want to watch it again and again. I like that the director makes use of the colors pink and blue. Godzilla unleashes a lethal dose of pink energy as his ultimate weapon while the antagonist monsters are bathed in blue.

At the heart of the movie though is a good story that allows for believable acting, good cinematography and credible direction. Wingard is an effective storyteller and successfully brings to the screen the awesomeness of the titans as well as unabashed absurdity. Watching the movie on Imax most definitely elevates the experience. The close ups of these larger than life creatures is something to behold!

Get Ready for epic fights in Godzilla vs Kong – A New Empire

I also like that there are two concurrent stories. A deaf child in search of her roots and Kong who is in search of his own kind. These two missions conclude in an ending that brings both to new (or renewed) beginnings.

Loaded with big lizard and big monkey wrestling moves, new scary monsters, and epic battle sequences, Godzilla vs Kong  A New Empire is not to be missed! See it now in theaters near you!


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