Ready or not , here comes Poor Things —a quirky, comical and dark (made light by the genius script) film starring Emma Stone. Of late, it has won the Golden Globe Awards for Best Musical or Comedy Motion Picture and Best Performance for a Female lead in a Musical or Comedy. In addition, the movie also got an Oscar nod for (again)  Emma Stone, Mark Ruffalo for Best Supporting Actor and Tony McNamara (for Best Adapted Screenplay). These accolades and nominations aside, the question is — Are Filipinos ready for a film like this?


Emma Stone is a revelation in the truest sense of the word in Poor Things.

We will know in the coming days as it opens on Valentines Day. Fittingly so, as the movie delves into different kinds of love. Cruel (A father experimenting on his own son for scientific advancement), distorted (A god caring for his mother-child creation), innocent (a being caring for her creator in return), deceitful, passionate, physical and so on. You will, for sure, be won over by the acting of Emma Stone. How her character yearns for freedom, goodness, and individuality but is forced to deal with realities in her own terms is something we can all learn from.

Set in Victorian Glasgow, Willem Dafoe (Dr. Baxter) brings back to life a suicide victim (eventually Bella) in a most bizarre way. She quickly learns the ways of the world and goes on an exploration of self, humanity, and the world. Along the way she (the creature) exhibits a more profound understanding of life than the supposed educated (including street educated) beings she is surrounded by.

As a parent, I have to say that this must be watched strictly by responsible adults. The screen adaptation is exceptional but the editing needs improvement. The shock value of intimate scenes is delivered once too many and waters it down. Messages are crystal clear and apt for the times so long-drawn sexual exploits were unnecessary. If you appreciate dark humor then you will relish every salacious moment of the movie.

The other thing that caught my eye all throughout the movie was Stone’s spunky modern Victorian wardrobe. Outfit after outfit was soooo on point! I would love to have 3 numbers, at least, in my own closet. Costume Design? Tens across the board! (udpate: Poort Things just won Best costume Design at the BAFTAS!)

Catch Poor things in theatres now!

A pocketful of glitter,



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