Who has not watched  at least one K-Drama? It seems that Pinays have been watching Korean shows to wile away the time during the quarantine. Korean actors and actresses are not only known for their dramatics, their doll like porcelain skin have made them beauty icons as welll.

The Holy Grail Trinity in Skincare by Snail White

How does one get radiant , glass-looking skin anyway? Well, I’ve tried so many beauty products, and like you, I have my favorites. One of them is SnailWhite. This Thai skincare brand has concocted one good product ater another. Their bestsellers Whipp soap and Moisture Facial Cream are part and parcelof my everyday skincare routine. I’ve added a third.

The HOLY GRAIL TRINITY in skincare – Snailwhite Whipp soap, Toner and Facial Cream.

Snailwhite recently launched its alcohol-free, no sting toner. Its Glow Potion AHA/BHA toner is unlike any other that’s out in the market. It contains hyaluronic acid, witch hazel, Swiss alpine willowherb, niacinamide and ginseng. Read the remarkable effects of this product:

  1. It restores your skin’s pH levels and preps it so it can easily absorb your serums and mositurizers.
  2. It unclogs and tightens pores, dissolves dead skin cells, slough off impurities to prevent pesky whiteheads and balckheads from forming.
  3. It helps your skin retain moisture longer while controlling sebum production.
  4. It soothes irritation and redness.

To achieve glass looking skin, you must follow these three easy steps:

  1. Cleanse your face with  Whipp soap.
  2.  Apply the Glow Potion to prepare the skin for the third and final step.
  3. Lastly hydrate and moisturize your skin with the Facial Cream.
    The Next-Level GLOW – With three easy steps using SNAILWHITE products, I’m able to achieve fresh-looking, radiant skin. Happy ME!

It helps a lot to put all three products next to the sink. When you wake up, simply follow the 3-step procedure and justv repeat before you retire at night. Results will be faster if you use all three products.

Reveal your radiant, healthy, glass looking skin in no time! Thank yuo SnailWhite for making beautiful happen.

With a pocketful of glitter,




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