I’ve always loved books.  I was the girl whose mother gave a disapproving look to because I racked up hefty fines for overdue books from the grade school library.  From Antoine Saint Exupery’s “The  Little Prince “(where I learned what boa constrictor meant ) to Margaret Mitchell’s “Gone With the Wind” (which I read at 12 years old),  I buried my head into the pages of  every book I could get my hands on as a kid.
I felt  much like Bella as I entered the SMX Convention Center on the very first day of the 36th Manila International Book Fair, You know that part in the Disney movie Beauty and the Beast where  Belle opens her eyes and finds herself in the palace library?  Spot on. The bookworm in me  wasted no time in making the round of booths of the different participating exhibitors.



How many women have fallen into the abyssmal pit of disarray and disorder?  The Japanese cleaning consultant shares her expertise on editing and decluttering the home.  Her revolutionary category by category method promises lasting results. Kondo asks the all important question – “Does it spark your joy?”  Everything that does not MUST be discarded. So if you’re holding on to clothes you might use when you finally lose those twenty pounds, or those books that have gathered cobwebs on the shelf or those kitchen tools that have been hidden in the dark for so long, it’s time to learn the art of tiding-up.

2.  THE BOOK OF AWESOME by Neil Pasricha

Written by a thirty year old guy who wanted to jot  down a happy thought each day to help him with through his divorce and the death of a friend, this book  shows us the far reaching effects of simple joys.  The pitch black moment before a concert starts, waking up and realizing it’s a Saturday, fixing electronics by smacking them – these relatable tales have made The Book of Awesome an international bestseller.  It’s the perfect read for those not-so-perfect days so we can be reminded of the multitude of things we should be grateful for.


Leaf through pages and pages of magnificent destinations.  Each of the 500 must-visit places include beautiful photos that will make you want to pack your bags and just hie off  somewhere in this earth.  What’s number one on the list? Cambodia holds the coveted spot  with its Angkor  Wat Temples  which are described as not just ruins but a “spiritual epiphany carved in stone.”   I made a mental note to add the 7th ranked Colloseum in Italy in my ever-growing bucket list.

4. THE 5 LOVE LANDUAGES OF CHILDREN by Gary Chapman and Ross Campbell

Most of us are familiar with the 5 love languages namely: physical touch, words of affirmation, quality time, gifts and acts of service.  Whereas the precursor to this book has helped couples in building meaningful relationships, this installment teaches parents to discover their child’s love language. Knowing the latter enables the parents to communicate their love more clearly and even discipline more effectively. Discussions on the correct way to process anger, how to deal with misbehaving children and how to encourage your child’s interests are particularly interesting.

5.      THE HAPPINESS PROJECT by Gretchen Rubin

I could relate so well to the author as she too was a  practicing lawyer before she started her career as a blogger and writer.    Rubin’s epiphany came on a bus ride where she decides to focus on ways to become happier.  In her pursuit, she gives herself 12 months to make goals (things to be achieved in the future e.g. visit Europe) and resolutions (tasks to be consciously done everyday e.g. get regular exercise).  Her candid and onpoint thoughts on how money can help buy happiness when spent wisely and finding time for fun made me think and laugh at the same time. Most salient point : the smallest of changes can make the biggest of differences.

6.     THE TIME CHAMBER by Daria Song

Admittedly, I don’t get the fuss over adult coloring books.  The ones I saw in the book fair only mildly interested me.  However, I liked this particular one because it tells a story of a fairy who lives in a cuckoo clock.  She leaves her home and discovers the human realm where everything is magical.  The coloring book/storybook is something my toddler daughter and I can enjoy for hours.  I even bought colored pencils and decided to surprise her with it.
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