The first time I went to SM Aura in Bonifacio  Global City, it smelled like paint and a lot of stores had “Coming Soon” tarpaulins plastered on their wooden facades.  I wasn’t impressed.  Several months later, however, the invisible radiance (which is what “aura” means) is certainly being emanated from all corners of the upscale mall.
Since my son M had a two-hour shift at NBA Café at the Skypark,  I made full use of the time by browsing the stores.
I loved  EVERYTHING I saw inside the store!  It was noticeable though that inspite of the great merchandise,  I was the only person perusing the goods.  A look at the tag price of the long sleeve top I fancied revealed why.  Tops go for Php3,000 to Php4,000, t-shirts for 2,000 and jackets for Php6,000. Quite pricey.  So although, I got an initial rush coming in the store, my imaginary balloon soon deflated.  I  definitely have to save up for these. Will definitely be back with a vengeance!
* For every Php4,000 you spend, Php500 will be deducted from your bill.

Save first then shop 🙂

UNO de 50
This accessories store just opened barely a week ago.  The items are silver plated and in full display for customers to try on.  I love cuffs and thick bracelets.  There were two that caught my eye.

Silver plated cuff with leather strips wound around it. Photo from the online store of the brand
I tried the red version of this woven leather bracelet. Very nice! Retails at about PhP7,000. Photo from the online store of the brand

This Malaysian brand carries evening dresses, clutches and shoes.  If you’re looking for any of the aforementioned, this is the perfect time to go!  Some shoes are selling at half-price  while others are on a buy one take two promotion!  Of course, the BQP tried on some pairs.

Fell in love with these nude heels with see- through fabric and studs

I found the prettiest dresses here!  Too bad they only came in small sizes.

The design looks like it’s ben painted on.

I haven’t bought anything from this store in quite a while.  My visits of  late left me looking at heaps and heaps of clothes without finding anything I like.  But this season’s crop of clothes and shoes are great!

The summer boho vibe is super fab!
So many choices!
Mulberry – inspired bag anyone?
I like the grey pants on the left. For a single purchase of Php3,000, you get a yellow bear bag from the store (like the one carried by the mannequin on the right).

The store is on sale now.  If you are an SM Advantage cardholder, you get 10 percent off and if you’re a Forever 21 Mastercard holder, you can avail of the 20 percent discount.

This store is turning out to be one of my favorites!  Just look at the uber cute wedge shoes!

This is just a preview of what’s inside the store.  The BQP is a big fan of designer PVC shoes and will be writing a whole post about it soon!

If there’s one store that you have to go to– make it this one. I’ll keep you in suspense til the next post . 🙂

Two hours passed by way TOO SOON! I had to pick up my ten year old from the NBA Café.   Don’t worry, though.  The BQP will share more fab finds in future posts!  Until then, drink plenty of water, keep cool and stay FAB!


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    1. You mean about the last store Melissa? haha 🙂 I’ll post an article “Confessions of a Shoe Addict” very soon! 🙂

  1. I love the clothes, especially the ones from Forever 21, Mexx, Stradivarius (I love the clothes worn by the mannequin) and Details :D. I’m not a fan of shoes, though ^^”. I hope to see more of these soon ;).

    1. You’re growing into a young lady! Tell Mom to check out the fab sales at Aura. So near your place. 🙂

  2. Ah yes, Forever 21! My daughters drag me to that store (or H&M or Marks&Spencer). Young ladies just love fashion! It’s the other way around now. When they were still younger, I dressed them up. Now, they’re the ones who suggest what clothes I should wear (and comment rather frankly). I’m the mom of shopaholics!

    1. Oh my! Can’t wait for the day when R gives me fashion advice! It must be great to have fashion savvy daughters like yours, Monica!

  3. The dainty dresses from Details and the chic streetstyle from Mexx will definitely be on my list to check out next time. Keeping cool and drinking plenty of water is also my top advice! This heat is insane!

    1. Must lose twenty pounds before I can fit into the DETAILS dresses. 🙂

  4. Hmmmm this gave me an idea … Wana try some boho chic feel soon for some of my getup! Now i wana wear a hat for a beach trip soon! Thanks for the tip! I should be exploring Aura. My daughter is always there w/ her friends! Now i know why 🙂

    1. Those hats are super cute! I want to try them myself but not quite sure if I can carry it 😛

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