Angry Birds Movie 2 takes off from the success of its predecessor and ups its game with the introduction of a third island. Red (Jason Sudeikis), the outcast-turned-unlikely-hero is now the island’s staunch defender against the green pigs from Pig Island. Along with his friends, the speedy canary Chuck (Josh Gad), the explosive Bomb (Danny McBride) and Eagle (Peter Dinklage), they embark on a new adventure. This time they recruit Chuck’s sister Silver (Rachel Bloom) as the group makes an unsteady truce with Pig Island’s leader Leonard (Bill Hader) and his top minions Courtney (Akwafina) and techpig (Sterling K. Brown). Mysterious giant balls of ice are being flung from a frozen island and the two groups embark on a mission to Eagle Island to put a stop to their impending demise.

The Cuckoo Club is BACK! Angry Birds Movie 2 is crazy cute and very entertaining!

While this is going on, life on Bird Island and Pig Island go on. Three bird hatchlings lose eggs and do everything to get it back (including an unplanned trip far, far away!) The Rovio game, which to date has been downloaded billion times, still provides the inspiration for the plots and effectively so.
A spurned love gets her just desserts in the end, a blooming friendship/romance unravels and birds, pigs, and eagles come together in a rather unexpected way.

Hatchlings on the Loose! These three birdies sent the little ones into a laughing fit with their antics.

Angry Birds Movie 2 is the perfect family movie date. Pop references to the ’80s and ’90s (Watch out for a dance showdown between the eagle army and an avian mechanized intruder.) make it relatable to parents while the cute antics of birds and pigs alike provide hilarious moments that the young audience will truly enjoy. The central themes of community, cooperation, and acceptance are relevant.
The theatre was filled with small kids accompanied by parents. At the end of the movie, we all had big smiles on our faces. Lighthearted, funny and highly entertaining, Angry Birds Movie 2 should be on your must-watch list this weekend!

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