Jason Momoa, Amber Heard and Director James Wan could not have asked for a more enthusiastic welcome at the Aquaman Fans Event held at the Mall of Asia last December 11. Fans gathered at the activity center as early as 10 in the morning to get a good spot near the stage. And boy where they rewarded! The Game of Thrones star came out to a thunderous applause with screaming fans chanting his name.

Jason Momoa, Amber Heard and Director James Wan at the Fan Event in MOA

Unlike other events where the fans can only watch the celebrities from afar, this one had Jason taking selfies, signing autographs and conversing with the huge crowd. What a generous, generous actor! I’d say he spent about half an hour from the entry point at the back of the crowd and took his time with the fans before finally approaching the stage. James Wan came out next and did the same. When both men took their places up front, Amber Heard (so beautiful in the movie and up close!) was called in to join them.

“I’ve never received this much love in my life! Thank you all for coming!” shouted Jason.

“I’ve never received this much love in my life! Thank you all for coming!” shouted Jason. When asked by the host about equal representation in the movies, he said, “It’s about time that we had a brown-skinned superhero. Somebody from the islands..” Amber greeted the crowd with “Kamusta???” and James Wan invited everyone to go and see Aquaman.

Later the stars made their way to the SM Cinema where we got to see them up close. After thanking the fans for “the biggest response to anything he’s ever done,” the Aquaman star said, “I’m flying home to LA after this to attend the premiere there. You all are lucky because you’ll see the movie before I do!”

Aquaman and Mera

A Short Review
I must admit Aquaman was the lamest superhero back in the day when Justice League was being shown on tv. He was blonde, well groomed and his superpower was sending out signals to whales, dolphins and sharks. Powerless on land, he never really made it to anyone’s superhero favorite list.
Delete that image from your memory file because 2018’s version of Aquaman is anything but lame. I mean just look at Jason Momoa! This guy fights on land and sea, jumps off planes without a parachute and can lift a submarine from the deep to the surface! An offspring of Queen Atlanna (played by Nicole Kidman who flees Atlantis because of her arranged marriage) and a mortal lighthouse keeper (Temuera Morrison), Arthur grows up with his father after his mom returns underwater to protect him.
Soon, he is beckoned to Atlantis by Mera (Amber Heard) with a warning that his half-brother is launching a war against the surface. Together they set out on a journey to recover The Trident (the most powerful weapon in the seas meant for the true heir to the throne) but not before battling with Black Manta and Aquaman’s half-brother (Ocean Master). Dolph Lundgren makes an appearance too as Mera’s father.
Action packed, with artful cinematography (the camera is never still especially in the underwater scenes), comedic moments and of course a bit of romance thrown in, AQUAMAN is a must watch for everyone. And yes, I’m proud to say I’m now a FAN!
With a pocketful of glitter,


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