I thought BeeChoo Origin was a regular salon at first but it turned out to be more than that.  As I stepped in their branch in our village mall, I saw ladies seated comfortably with their saran wrapped hair under orb-like steaming machines. “What is this treatment?” I asked the receptionist. Within minutes, I found myself seated in front of Cindy Miranda, hair specialist head at BeeChoo Origin Madison Galeries in Alabang.

Healthy Hair by BeeChoo Origin

Herbal Hair Treatment

Cindy started with a hair analysis. With a probe that looked like a thin wand, she took photos of my scalp and saved the photos in a folder. “This will help us analyze your scalp. It looks like you have an oily scalp and your hair strands in some areas are thin. I recommend that you do the treatment twice a month and use hair tonic.”  I then asked her to explain just exactly how the treatment can help my hair situation. I learned this much. BeeChoo is the surname of the Singaporean owner who patented the organic treatment. The mud-like paste is made up of 16 medicinal herbs, with the five major ingredients being Lingzhi (reduces excessive hair loss), He Shou Wu (prevents hair from turning grey), Ginseng ( improves blood circulation), Dang Gui (helps hair follicles absorb more nutrients), and  Dong Chong  Xiao Cao (improves well-being).

Organic Herbal Treatment – It addresses dandruff, oily hair, thinning hair, grey hair and more.

The whole process takes about an hour and a half. Ginger wine is sprayed all over the scalp to open the pores. Then the mixture is prepared. For my medium length hair, two cups of the formula is needed. Then the hair therapist applies the warm paste to cover the head. The har is covered with plastic saran wrap and the steaming is done for 30 minutes. Just before the hair is washed and dried, the client is treated with a five minute back and shoulder massage. The hair is then blow-dried. I skip the last part and just ask to have my locks dried with cool air. No extra tugging from roller brushes for me.

Make it your business to read the ingredients in all the products you use.


I’ve been a regular customer for over a year now. What I like about it is that my head feels very clean after. My grey roots are covered without the help of chemicals.  )The client has a choice of having the coloring effect. On some , gey hair turns to a coppery blonde. On me, thankfully, it looks like highlights! There’s also a formula that has no effect on the color of hair. ) The strands feel thicker too.  I’m in my forties and experiencing hormonal changes. This really is the challenge as of the moment. I have yet to see significant hair thickening. With my busy schedule, I’m only able to go once a month. So that’s something I have to improve on to see the best results.


I recommend BeeChoo as an organic alternative to achieve healthier hair. Visit the brand at IG account @beechoooriginph to learn more.

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