Touchdown! It’s just been a few hours since my return. An almost three week vacation to the US was exactly what my family and I needed to cap 2015.  Time spent with family and friends away from the worries and cares of Manila has recharged, rebooted and refreshed our spirits!  We loved our time in Los Angeles and Vegas but at the end of our vacation we all looked forward to coming home.

Wishing you all a fountain of blessings in 2016!

On the plane ride I scribbled a few things I should do this year.  It could be helpful to you too in facing the  year ahead.  I prefer to call it my “must-do” list instead of resolutions.  Of course, at any given time, we are free to choose start over. The new year, however,   gives us that extra push to make amends, try new things and get ourselves out of the doldrums.
A Fresh Start
1. Move It!
I have the shoes, the club membership and even a pool at my own backyard.  So why am I still overweight?  Hopefully, by the end of 365 days I would have shed ten pounds, lessened my visits to the doctor and used my shoes, club facilities and overcome my fear of water so I can use the pool even without the kids around.  Even just walking after dinner around the village would be good.  Dancing and kickboxing which used to be my passions  are also on my list.  I’m sure you can find a workout that fits you too.

This pair called me halfway across the Nike Store in Sta. Monica Place.

2. Think before you gobble.
Momentary gustatory satisfaction from eating all the deliciously sinful foods  (think lechon, cakes, ice cream and chocolate) will cost you in the end.  Give up the bad for the good. They say it takes two weeks  for one to be accustomed to a new taste.  Lessen the salt in your meals, steam instead of fry,  trade white rice for brown.   Have portions of fruits and vegetables daily.  Let your taste buds adjust to a healthier daily menu.

3. Shopaholics must exercise restraint.
Those stilettos sure look nice but should you buy it when you already have a dozen others in your  shelves?   January is sale season!  Look but keep on walking.  Shed some pounds and buy it in June in a smaller size when you’ve already lost five pounds.   Save for bigger and better things other than shoes, bags and clothes.  It may be hard to at first but rehab from any addiction is never easy.  Sigh.
4.  Try something new.
I love the dark side of the color wheel.  Blue, black, grey are my staples.  I don’t own anything pink.  Well, that was until I fell in love with a pair of hot pink sneakers.  Now, there’s a corner in my closet reserved for my new guilty pleasures.  More of my fab pink finds in my upcoming articles!

5.  Put on your best self.
Media mogul and icon Oprah Winfrey in her latest ad for Weight Watchers  said ,”I don’t have a pair of jeans I’d like to get into—I’ve been down that road honeychild.  I don’t have a dress or a big red carpet thing to do.  I’m really just looking at 2016 as the year of my best body. “  Prior to this, on her first commercial for the weight loss program company, she sends another  message, “Nothing you’ve ever been trough is wasted.  So every time I tried and failed, and tried  again , and tried again has brought me to this powerful moment to say ‘If not now, when?’  Are you ready? Let’s do this together. “   OMG,  what a hallelujiah moment! So all together now —Yes, we are ready, Oprah!

Let’s take the lead from from the newly crowned Miss Universe Pia Wurtzbach. Be confidently beautiful with a heart. The Busy Queen flanked by Pia and 2014 Miss Universe MJ Lastimosa.

Thank you God for this fresh start.  May all of us be kinder, wiser, and grateful.  Happy 2016 everybody!
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