Moms try to do it all. Get the kids ready for school, prepare breakfast and “baon’, get ready for the office, bring our A-game to work, check if the kids are home by noon, remind them to do their homework, cook dinner, read e-mails, a bit of FB, IG, catch up on husband’s day, wish the zzz’s could last longer but alas, it’s back to the daily grind. But you forgot to pass by the grocery this week and yaya just told you, “Ma’am no more rice.”
Fortunately, there’s Honestbee to help moms have better days. Asia’s leading online concierge and delivery service brings convenience through its all-in-one application which provides instant access to its many partner merchants. Just download the Honestbee app, navigate the site, fill your cart, choose the day and time of delivery and check out.

Have you tried Honestbee’s personal shopping and delivery service?
I must admit I enjoy grocery shopping. Roaming the aisles, checking out different brands, creating the week’s menu in my head as I see the produce, listening to my daughter tell me about her day as she pushes the cart,– all these are pleasant activities when I have the time to do them. But for emergency needs and those days when we don’t want to deal with traffic (and parking), or long lines at the cashier, there’s Honestbee.

The line-up ranges from the established and well-trusted brands to the promising upstarts. Meticulously curated, customers will find everything they need in Honestbee.

Some Tips
If you choose to buy from S&R please log in your membership number so you won’t be charged in addition to your total purchase. Please don’t be disheartened when the products you want are unavailable. Similar items will be offered to you onsite or in my case, the personal shopper texted me the alternatives. I also purchased seafood (shrimps and gutted milkfish) from Robinson’s supermarket and I have to say the quality was really good upon delivery. Delivery time is made within two days at the latest so make sure to place your orders early. My Chef Tony Caramel popcorn arrived on the same day I craved for it. Provide and double check delivery and contact details to enjoy hassle-free transactions. You will receive messages before and after delivery. I paid a delivery fee of Php500 for a Php3000 order.

The BQP with Honestbee’s Managing Director Crystal Gonzalez
“Our line-up ranges from the established and well-trusted to the promising upstarts. Meticulously curated, customers will find everything they need in Honestbee. Soon we will have VIB (Very Important Bee), a platform where our valued clients can share with us their experiences and suggestions,” said Managing Director Crystal Gonzalez. Partner merchants include restaurants (Banapple, Racks ) grocery and wet market, deli (Meat Depot), dessert (Baskin Robbins Ice cream, Karabella), healthy choices (G Stuff), baby products (Mustela, Nosh, Biolane, Mother’s Touch)
Remember, help is just a few clicks away with Honestbee!
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