It took my parents 7 years after I was born to conceive a son.  I was the second of two daughters and before my brother was born, my dad raised me like a boy. I got guns and a go kart for Christmas while my sister got dollhouses and kitchen toys.  I learned to shoot hoops at age five and I played chess with our driver/ dad’s bodyguard during weekends.  I never liked pink, never wore skirts  and didn’t grow my hair until I was in high school.  Growing up I was drawn to all things masculine.
I don’t know if the aforementioned revelation has anything to do with my affinity for men’s watches or big-faced time pieces.  I spent the long weekend fixing my closet and just realized I had quite a collection.  Here are my favorite watches from luxury brands to the crystal bear-faced watch I fancied in good old DIVI.


I like to try watches in the stores and I love MICHAEL KORS! This black chronograph is a keeper!


There’s something about seeing the inner workings of a watch (or machine) that fascinates me. Steel with leather PANERAI —I can wear this with jeans , a crisp shirt and a confident attitude!


You can opt for this cheaper but similar look from DIESEL. Sturdy and tough!


Diamond encrusted CHARRIOL — I spent a good hour staring at this timepiece. It’s true what Marilyn M said– “Diamonds are a girl’s bestfriend!”


Since I like big watches, I get to wear the hubby’s too!


A woman’s watch for sure! This oversized ROLEX with multicolored stones is a dazzler! Wear it and watch other’s staring(surreptitiously) at your wrist.


THE JUVENILE CHOICE –This number had my name on it, not masculine but big-faced!…. Ok , i may not like pink but I like cute bears!


Some of the watches I’ve collected. Clockwise- Mid sized MARC by Marc Jacobs, Bejewelled in Blue Michael Kors, Oversized choronigraph in yellow gold and silver steel also by Michael Kors, 007 Collector’s Watch from SWATCH.

For me, wearing men’s /big-faced watches is like naming a young girl with a boy’s name.  It makes me feel more feminine to wear something masculine. Now, if only I was named  Billie, Sam or Harper — oh, well. 🙂


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  1. Nice watches BQP! I love watches also. From your post, I like the medium size by Marc Jacobs : ) Thanks again for sharing this to us! Fabulous! 🙂

  2. my favorite is Breitling and Rolex, but to choose among the watches posted, I’d go for Panerai and Rolex.
    Panerai would complement my big forearm and biceps, while Rolex would give me quick attention from the bar staff.

  3. 1) I’ve always worn either Swatch or G-shock though many would think these are more for men.
    2) Hmmm, can’t quite choose from the ones in this post. They all look amazing!

  4. My favorite everyday watch is Swatch. Sometimes, the G-shock watch given by my sister Denise.
    It would be great to try a Panerai for a change! I think I will look cool.

  5. 1) I wear men’s watches, too! My grandfather would let me wear his Citizen and Seiko watches but not his Rolex. He feared I might lose it or someone would be tempted to snatch it from me.
    2) The Diesel watch as shown above is a good pick for me (“,)

  6. Our time is limited. You never know when your time will end but one thing is for sure, you can make the most of the time that you have.
    Yes, I like wearing men’s/big faced watches. It gives me a different feeling…more secured and confident.
    Of course, I love all your collections. They’re so unique and elegant. If I’ll choose one – it’s the Boss watch. All of my watches are round. For a change, I chose the square face. It can easily be paired with jeans, skirt or a dress. Two thumbs up for this 🙂

  7. I love watches. I’ve several collections from small, medium and big faces.
    Yes, I wear men’s watches eventhough my arms and wrist are small. I usually paired it with my favorite get up.
    Among the watches you posted, what I like most is the Charriol Watch. Perfect to match with my bracelet with the same brand 🙂 Can be worn with casual and formal attire.
    Thank you for sharing your collections BQP. Indeed, it’s fabulous!

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