Tired of cooking multiple times a day? Give yourself a break and order in. Here’s a bundle of four juicy chicken burgers that you simply cannot pass up on. Max’s Fried Chicken relaunches its chicken burgers –but with a twist. To preserve its taste and goodness, the sandwiches come in build-it-yourself-form.

Here’s how Max’s Sarap In a Box looks like. The eco-friendly cardboard container includes: 4 juicy fried chicken thigh parts, brioche burger buns, slices of cucumbers, shredded cabbage and generous servings of two sauces. And let’s not forget the imported sweet potato fries . No kamote taste at all. You’ll be surprised!

Max’s Chicken Burgers – Juicy, Saucy, Delicious!

All I had to do was heat the chicken, fries and buns at 150 degrees. I take the buns out after 3 minutes and everything else after five. Then it’s just a matter of assembling the sandwiches. Easy peasy, right?

The gold standard in fried chicken now comes in a bun with a side of the sweetest potato fries!

For just P839, a family of four can enjoy this delicious feast and save P157. There’s no need to go out for now. Enjoy Sarap In a Box and have it delivered to your homes.

You may place your orders at https://maxsgroupdelivers.com/ or callĀ  8-789-9999 or 888-7900!

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