Christmas is literally around the corner.  Whether you refuse to join the throng of mallgoers or get caught in traffic (there is no escape!) ,  the red letter day is coming.  As a busy Mom , I made time to squeeze in my favorite chore of all time –shopping, of course!
Here are  gift ideas for your family and friends.
For the Little Miss
My four year old girl pleads, “I want Shopkins, Mom.  Everyone in school is playing with it. Please Mama.”  How can I not give in to my doe-eyed , cherub-faced daughter?  One of her classmates had given  knickknacks in a small basket as gifts to everybody and now all of them want more.  And because the young ones can maneuver gadgets as easily as adults can, she adds,  “ Dad says I should write to Santa and ask him for the Hello Kitty car with remote control. I saw it on youtube. Will you help me write the letter, Mom?”

Young girls will love these!

For the Upcoming Divas
Girls grow up too fast!  I initially got a Frozen lunchbox  with matching twistable crayons for my niece but her Mom said she’s already outgrown the Disney phase at nine!  On her wish list? Press-on nails, glittery lipglosses and a Hello Kitty camera.  This year, I’ll introduce her to Smiggle.  They have the coolest stuff for girls!

Cute, fun and something that the girls can use all year round! Visit the Smiggle pop-up store near Rustan’s Supermarket at the lower ground floor of Edsa Shangrila. Open from 10am to 9pm the whole month of December.


Everyone loves Hello Kitty!

For the Young Master
The biggest movie franchise in all of moviedom is set to release yet another film this December .  A Darth Vader iphone case, Star Wars toys, masks, shirts, socks   are gifts all boys will like.

Star Wars Fever in December!

For Mr. Tweener
My 12 year old boy never asks for anything.  This year, he got an early present when he met the international tennis superstars at a dinner.  Seeing his one true crush (again) Anna Ivanovic made my son smile like it was Christmas morning. Priceless!

Happiness to be near his crush Ana Ivanovic!

For  the Glam Moms
I want to give others what I would like to receive for myself.  It’s that special time of the year where we should be extra generous to those we hold dear.   Skincare products,  scents and fragrances, even undergarments make for fabulous presents.

I swear by these products. USe La Mer  moisturizing cream to maintain your youthful glow and to ward of lines. Visit the Jo Malone boutique at Greenbelt 5 and find the scent that’s just right for you.


Wacoal sports bra gives you the perfect fit and support for your workouts.

For  the Man of the House
What can you give someone who has everything? Relax.  Gift-giving doesn’t have to be nerve wracking.  A classic timepiece, a leather briefcase or a sporty backpack  are things that he can use all year round.

Le Bron Backpack and Omega Limited Edition Spectre Seamaster watch for the special man in your life.

Do take the time to write a thoughtful note to all the recipients of your Christmas tidings.  Presents that come wrapped in beautiful packages are pretty to look at but remember , those that come from the heart will be remembered forever.
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