I love corndogs!  During my freshman year in Ateneo, lunch consisted of corndog and a tall cup of grape slushie.  This was my staple meal for a whole year – maybe even two.  It’s hard to find a well cooked corndog.  I like it medium battered, with a jumbo hotdog inside and deep fried to perfection.  Delicious!  Over time, I never quite enjoyed corndogs the way I did during my college years and I never found this snack-on-a-stick cooked as good as it was by the school’s lunch lady.  Little did I know that I could make this fare in my very own kitchen!

Bake your heart away with Maya products.

Four-in-one Fun!
Last weekend, my kids and I headed to the Maya Kitchen to take part in their half  day family baking module called  “Baking Magic Together”.  The kids thoroughly enjoyed their weeklong cooking and baking course last summer so they were more than eager to attend another culinary expedition.  We were joined by three other families .

These corndogs are delicious and so easy to make!

At exactly 9:30 am, we made our way inside the state of the art Maya Kitchen.  Baking Blue Velvet Cake was the first order of the day.  Each family had an assistant chef who my daughter repeatedly called “teacher” when she got confused with the instruction give by the lead instructor Pastry Chef Eiselle Hidalgo upfront.  My 12 year old son M looked like a pro as he softened the butter to the right consistency. “I want to try! I want to try,” said my daughter R repeatedly.  We combined all the dry ingredients first before doing the same with the liquids. Soon enough our blue batter was ready to go inside the oven.  We all handed our little round baking pans to “teacher’ before watching the lead instructor make the icing in front.  The kids formed a line to assist Chef Eiselle and were each given a turn to help out.
While our cakes were baking and the icing sent to chill in the freezer,  we lost no time in making the second fare — corndogs!  It only took three ingredients and a saucepan filled with hot oil to serve up my favorite snack.  Beat an egg, add one cup of Maya pancake mix  and pour  a half cup of warm water to make the batter.  The kids quickly put a dozen cocktail hotdogs on short barbecue sticks.  The tricky part is covering the hotdog all the way through.  After a few misses, the kids and I had our technique down pat.

Baking is fun for my daughter R!

The proof of the pudding is in the eating.  Our corndogs  were gone in 60 seconds!  The kids loved it and so did my husband A who was able to make it to the activity coming from his  Saturday basketball game.

The Cake Contest
The corndog feast , however, was not the highlight of the day.  The smell of our freshly baked cakes filled the air as they were brought out.  Then it was announced that a prize will be given to the best cake. The environment suddenly became charged as each family put their game faces on. Team Fermin kept on laughing and cheering each other on.  I was especially happy to see Mr. Fermin trying his hand at cake decorating.  Everybody thought they could do  much better job than I could in icing the cake.  But our cake looked more lopsided as each family member worked on it. In the end, the glory went to the Taiwanese team who won on account of the smiley face they put on the top of the cake.

Our finished products!

What a super fun family day of bonding and baking!  Now my kids have inherited my love for corndogs.  In fact, we ‘ve cooked it twice at home already.
The Maya Kitchen offers cooking and baking courses by local and international chefs. It is located at the 8th floor of Liberty Building, 835 A. Arnaiz Ave.,  Makati with tel no. 8921185
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  1. Aww, the Busy Queen P, I love corndogs too. Pero may booth lang sa Galle selling corndogs… tapos I put lots of yellow mustard! Hihi.
    I checked out Maya Kitchen’s website. They have cooking classes rin pala. Interestiiing! 🙂

  2. Just like you, I super love corndogs. I remember when I went to HK Ocean Park, instead of trying their other specialty, I bought corndog and a tall glass of ice tea. To my dismay, I’m not satisfied with what I ate for merienda because the cooked batter was not that soft as I expected. To make the story short, when I went back home I was still craving for it. Good to know we had a box of Maya pancake mix and I asked my auntie to make some for me. Finally, I’m satisfied!!!
    MAYA pancake mix has been the all time favorite since my grade school days. I’m glad that The Busy Queen P featured this in her blog. Very interesting! I’ll check their website to know more what’s new.

  3. Not really into corndogs but nothing beats old fashion pancakes made from Maya Original Hotcake Mix! Our whole family’s comfort food especially on a lazy Sunday afternoon. Eat is as it is or make it as a crepe with nutella and mango filling and top with a scoop or two with vanilla ice cream. Heaven!

  4. You are such a good storyteller! Reading this blog made me feel like I was there in the Maya Kitchen cooking my own velvet cake! It’s nice to bond over things like cooking and baking. Would love to hear more stories like this. Also, I’m glad to know that The Maya Kitchen is still around. Didn’t Nora Daza (from our childhood days) used to hold cooking shows there? My kids would love to attend a baking class in the future. More power The Busy Queen P!!

  5. What an enriching bonding activity for the family! Definitely beats Ipad or cellphone games to keep the children busy. They learn life skills, while having fun with the family. Will definitely try the corn dogs soon!

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