“Mom can I have some friends over for a swimming party on my birthday?   It will just be a few boys from school, ” my son asked silently . “Of course!”  I hope my enthusiastic yes  masked my guilt-laden look.  I had been so busy lately that I had forgotten his birthday was this week.  I immediately called my bestfriend  (my girl knows the ins and outs of DV like the back of her hand) to tell her we had to make an emergency trip this very Sunday to Disvisoria. “Mare, I have to buy water squirters and water guns for the boys’ small pool party. I’ll pick you up tomorrow at 7:30.”

Kids’ Clothes at 999
So there we were this morning, the BFF and I, clad in our sneakers and holding water bottles.  The driver /BG parked the car at the basement of 999 minutes before.  The first floor yielded our first purchase.

My friend A told me that she bought the same shorts for Php400 in Greenhills. In DV, I bought the RL walking shorts for PHP250 in white and navy blue. Best paired with solid colored shirts.


Couldn’t resist these cutie dresses for my little diva.  The faux pearl string is a bit tacky.  Good thing it’s only secured by “pardible”. I took it off.  Php300 each. (Haggling was involved to lower the price from 450.)

Bling-bling , Cashing-cashing at 168
Then we headed off to 168.  Here are the my fab finds from this part of the mecca.

Bling blings for your lobes. Prices from Php200 to Php300.


RESIN LV BANGLES in black and white Php950 each


Mise En Dior – Too cute to pass up on! Online I see these being sold for a thousand pesos. In good old DV? A pair sells for P350 (with haggling of course!)


Arm candy done with Swarovski elements. NICE TO LOOK AT, don’t you agree? Price range PHP 1000 – PHP3500


More of the SWAROVSKI line. All thoughts of lunch were forgotten, while we were inside the store. CAVEAT: These are nice but are imitations.


Although umbrellas do not fall under the category of bling blings, my daughter certainly thought hers precious! Kiddie umbrellas come in Disney princess, Frozen and Hello Kitty designs. PHP100 only.


My three year old loves that her pink Hello Kitty umbrella has a pink whistle attached to it!


Lucky at Lucky China Town Mall

Lest we forget, we were there to buy waterguns for the pool party! So far, no such luck in finding them .  The fact that we were sidelined by so many trips to stores that sold other things, didn’t help. Haha. 🙂  Here are the rest of the BQP’s finds.

There were loom bands EVERYWHERE! Loom band kit in transparent case PHP400. Mini loom band case PHP20! YES, twenty pesos! Bought one so my yayas can try making some bracelets at home. Lower photo shows the bands being sold by weight.


SANRIO FOREVER! Isn’t this My Melody mirror the absolute cutest? The Hello Kitty comb is both a cutie addition to the little diva’s collection as well at it is useful. Mirror {PHP120), comb (PHP30).


BOOTS! Pirate, dinosaurs, hearts, animal print, Hello Kitty and so much more! PHP200 and up. Super fab bargain!


In the middle of my shopping duty, the hubby sent me a text message. “Please get something nice for your daughter. The little princess is expecting a gift from Mommy. “…. NO WORRIES! I bought this Hello Kitty Kitchen Set with a microwave oven that lights up and a toaster that has bread popping up! Love to play this with the baby girl. All girls never outgrow SANRIO!


At long last, after four hours of walking and ogling, we found what we were looking for — water guns! My boy will be happy that MOM got what he wanted for the party!



This post is the fastest that I’ve done since the blog started.  Truth is, I’m so tired. BUT, I’m really excited to share my little knick knacks because you might find them as “cute” and “nice” as I did.  I should , however, restate that I don’t condone buying imitations or designer “look-alikes”.  To each his own.   I only buy from the real SWAROVSKI stores but I thought the ones shown here are pretty good stuff.  One doesn’t go to Divisoria to buy designer brands.

Although it took my friend and I HOURS to get the job done, I’m happy to have spent the day with her, After all, it’s not the destination but the journey that makes it worthwhile! HAPPY SUNDAY EVERYONE!

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  1. Umbrellas delight! Every little girl anywhere in the world loves one!!! A swimming party for M! Enjoy, boys! (“,) Care to invite the Minions? Ha ha ha!

  2. You’ve learned the Art of Haggling, too! When I was younger I felt embarrassed when Lola would start to haggle with the ladies in Greemhills, Divisoria and Quiapo. Now, we’re doing it! Ha ha ha! Motherhood really brings out the smart one from within. (“,)

  3. So many interesting stuff! What a nice trip! Kids clothes, boots (super cute!) , umbrellas, blings here & there! And the loombands fever! Ok i better plan on a trip to Divi by the BER months! Im looking for nice telas too! Thank you for the suggestions BQP 🙂 p.s happiest of birthay to M!!!! 🙂

  4. I love the My Melody mirror and Hello Kitty comb. Brings back the memories of our grade school days when Sanrio was so popular. I like the simple round earrings also 🙂

  5. You went to DV for the purpose of getting some toys for your son’s bday. You visited 999, 168 & Lucky China mall. All those places are great. But should you decide to return, I would highly suggest that you walk through the “bowels” of DV. The side-streets! All great finds, from the simple kulambo and trapal shops, fabrics shops, to the dried fish and all other stuff, are there. Bling-blings are aplenty in DV, I’m sure. But if bling-blings are all one wants, another great place to visit would be Wellmanson in Quiapo.

  6. I love the umbrella! It looks cute with your little diva. I know it will look cute too with my grand daughter. Very nice find.

  7. Aww, Divi!!! I wanna go there too! But ayaw ni mommy eh 🙁
    Drooling over the loom bands! I can’t believe it’s being sold per gram! Gaaahh!!! I need to go to Divi!!

  8. Love the rain boots! 😉 very practical to buy there. Those that I bought online were so expensive and the ribbon design wore out agad. I should have bought from there instead! 😉 haha!

    1. I know! I made the same mistake and ordered onine.:( The rainboots in DV only costs PHP250 and are so cute!

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