Did you know that the hours of uninterrupted sleep you get each night weighs heavily  on how long you’ll live?  Research suggests that a person who regularly gets less than seven hours of nocturnal slumber is likely to experience negative effects on his cardiovascular, immune, endocrine and nervous systems.  Side effects of sleep deprivation also include obesity, diabetes, heart disease, hypertension, anxiety, depression and even alcohol abuse.

According to Uratex Sales Manager Dindo Medina, majority of the Filipinos consider  three things when they purchase a bed : price, durability and value for money.    The new crop of discerning clientele, however, go beyond these three factors.  Number one on their checklist is the guarantee of an excellent sleep experience.  Up to the task is local brand Uratex Foam.  “We believe that in matters related to sleep and finding the perfect mattress, it’s not just about the size,  softness and support anymore.  It’s all about providing superior sleep, and our latest products guarantee just that,” said Marketing Director Cherry Wong-Tan.

The Uratex Team – (front row: Marketing Director Cherry Wong Tan, Executive VP Mr. William Lee and Sales Director Dindo Medina

Clean, Rejuvenating, Refreshing and Seductive
At the exclusive media event held at Our Home Megamall, four new mattresses from the brand’s  Premium line were unveiled.   Mr. Medina gave me the one-one-one tech talk as he acquainted me with each bed’s features.  We started with the Perfect Serenity Aura which effectively keeps  foul odors at bay.   It has odor repelling qualities that ensures a fresh and clean sleeping environment.   Made of convoluted high-resistant foam with an egg crate design which allows air to flow freely, it  eliminates stinky sweat and other unwanted body odors.

Mattresses are now available at Our Home.

Literally sleep your worries away with the Orthocare Biorytmic bed. It uses rejuvenating minerals  which relaxes the muscles, eases body tension and reduces stress.  Back problems are likewise addressed with the Orthofirm foam which provides back relief and firm comfort.
I did not hesistate at all when I was asked to lie down and test the Sensory Memory Ultima Plus. Imagine falling slowly  into millions of cool marshamallows.  Simply divine! It’s the upgrade to the Sensory Memory Ultima mattress which is my son’s current bed.  Believe me when I say that this mattress delivers sleep— and fast!  Each family member took a restful slumber in this foamed cocoon when it was first delivered to our home.  But I digress.  The current version blends its signature memory foam with Hydragel beads that absorbs heat.  Wrapped with Cooler  knit fabric it provides an enhanced cooling effect and lowers body temperature by up to 2 degrees C.   And that mallow like plush comfort adjusts to your body movements as you sleep relieving painful pressure points.
Fuel the flames in the bedroom with the most controversial bed in the launch, the Premium Touch Romance.  Infused with the essences of ginseng, ylang ylang and cinnamon,  the bed promises to set up the perfect mood for love.   Manufactured with the Smart Reflex Pocket Spring System, this mattress intelligently isolates body movement for an undisturbed sleep.

It’s time to invest on getting superior sleep.

To complement all four mattresses, Uratex Premium has  also crafted pillows with the same sleep technologies.  Both beds and pillows are treated with Sanitized which protects against bacteria, odor , mildew and dust mites.

Sitting on the most controversial bed at the launch. the Romance bed promises to set up the mood for love.

Count ZZZZ’s not Sheep
Just exactly how many hours of sleep should you log in every night?  For adults, it is best to clock in seven to eight hours of snooze time.  In the matter of sleep, quantity must be coupled with quality.  It is not enough that you are bed bound for a third of a day.  You have to have the perfect partner to ensure the quality of those precious zzzz’s.   Thankfully,  Uratex Foam lives up to its name as The Sleep Specialist and offers the sleeping partner that’s just perfect for you!
Uratex Premium Mattresses are available at all of the branches of Our Home.
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  1. All the mattresses have impressive features. Never knew length if sleep can affect a person’s health. Informative article!

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