While my boys were at the Alaska vs Ginebra game in Araneta Coliseum, I opted to stay in the adjacent GATEWAY MALL.  Since we are based in the South, I rarely go this place.  Hubby A said the game may take two hours, I told him not to worry.  (I really wanted to scout the place for a gift for his birthday this week. )  I’ll keep myself busy.  And that’s just what I did. 🙂

There were plenty of stores with SALE signs by the entrance.  My kind of day!  My first stop was PARFOIS,  an accesssories, bag, and shoe store located on the second level.  I found a leather bracelet that had gold plated letters strewn on it.  The blocks read “MAKE YOUR OWN”.  I asked the saleslady how many more spare letters there were inside the transparent plastic container.  She said she’s not sure but that it contained popularly used letters. If you have “Q”, “X” or “Z” in your name or in the word that you want to spell, this may not be the accessory for you.  I will spell “SUMMER” on mine 🙂  At PHP 590, however, I find this cute , unique and affordable.

Accessories should be fun and affordable so you can change it often.

The BQP’ pick for the perfect summer shoes – It wasn’t on sale but it sold itself to me 🙂

 Then,  I saw a blue wedge at the bottom of the display area.  Those who have known me for a long time will not be surprised that I would like this pair. Blue, wedge and STRIPES.  I have tried and tried and tried to stay away from stripes this year.  Today, however, I let the Parfois wedge put me under its spell.  It’s such a perfect choice for summer, don’t you agree?

The SALE signs of REGATTA and FULLY BOOKED also caught my attention .

As if my first purchase wasn’t enough, I was again drawn by the “The Great Sail” sign outside the local store REGATTA.   Some of their items remind me of  TOMMY HILFIGER.  It’s propbably the nautical reference and the use of mostly red, white, and blue as their base colors —with a little splash of  yellow, cream  and green. I didn’t buy anything in the store because the (striped) dress I l fancied wasn’t available in my size.  Saved by the lack of inventory!
Then I made it to RUSTANS.  I noticed that this particular store  doesn’t carry  the major brands  that can be found in its bigger branches and  that it has  a very limited men’s section.   I had no chance of finding a birthday gift there.  What I did find was a section resembling TUTTO MODA (the high end depot of designer brands located in Alabang Town Center).  Here I was able to get a very nice SINEQUANONE  top  (original price was at PHP5,000 but I bought it for less than half of the price!) with cut-out shoulders and a NATORI white dress.  Unfortunately the NATORI was too big for me. Sigh.
And just when I was about to think of an explanation for the number of shopping bags I had in my possession, I saw MARVEL jackets for my boys.  I asked the salesperson if I could take a picture to send to the boys.  He readily obliged my request.  A minute after sending the picture , hubby A said my boy M is not interested but he is! Again, if you know us, we like to wear costumes on Halloween.  The boss (A) however, likes to spice up his corporate presentations by wearing juvenile outfits 🙂  The pictures below will show that both boys had fun trying on the cool hoodies.

Masked hoodies anyone… SO COOL!!!!

My boy already has a strong fashion sense. He prefers this black and white hoodie over the others.

All in all it was a productive two hours. 🙂 I saw some nice things at the windows of Promod, Esprit and Mango but my time wasn’t enough to check these out.  As for my boys, they more than made up for their team’s sorry performance by  buying three Marvel jackets!
The BQP gives Gateway Mall a B rating.


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  1. Sorry for me i can’t make my own leather bracelet, but i liked the hoodies for the boys. By the way how is R?

    1. The Little Diva is ok. Thanks for asking 🙂 There will be more good finds from the BQP soon! Stay tuned Zetti 🙂

  2. Oh how delight it is indeed to once in a while shop alone without any kind of disturbance from the patooties. I just recently did and scored a few from Regatta.
    Nice post BQP!

    1. The line of Regatta is good this season. No wonder you also went shopping there REG. Looking forward to your modelling your new buys 🙂

  3. Thanks for this post…..little did I know that there are some cool stuff for kids there. My son will like it…..though this place is just near my office…..hehehe!

    1. Glad you liked my shopping find. The hoodies don’t come cheap though. I had to use my discount card to take a thousand off the total bill— since the boys got three. Thanks for the comment BONG 🙂

  4. Oooh, Parfois! I always stop by Parfois at Robinson’s Galleria kasi I love their purses and wallets!
    P.S. Ninong A and M look like brothers lang!! Hihi!

    1. I’ve bought some pieces from this store prior to the post. It takes me a while to choose though because of the variety the store offers. Please feel free to share your good finds JANINE! Thanks for the comment 🙂

  5. I’ve bought a couple of things there too prior to this post. Please feel free to share your good finds with me JANINE. Take care!

  6. I enjoyed reading this “Gateway good finds”. It seems that I can share a lot. One of my favorite place to shop and dine because it’s so accessible to my work place and house. It will only take me 15 mins to be there taking LRT 2

  7. Thanks for having so much faith in my ten day old blog ANNETTE 🙂 Writing needs inspiration. I’ll be needing a lot more of that and fun experiences before I think of writing a book. Stay tuned!

  8. Another place I miss in the Philippines! My kids and I would always pass by Gateway as the school I taught at, which was also my children’s school, was just a station away from Gateway. Here, you can find people from all sorts of life. Nice to mingle with people after a long day at school! I may not be a shopper, but I do like to window shop. My kids are thrift shoppers, too. They always know where to find a good deal. Keep on posting, Dear Paulyne, that way I am in touch with what’s going back home.

    1. Yes, I found these at Rustan’s Gateway but they only carry one size per design. I’ve been to Rustan’s Alabang Town Center and they don’t have the hoodies. Maybe it’s best to call the branch you nearest you to check if they have it in the size you want for your boys. Thanks for reading Aleli! 🙂

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