BOO! Hallow’s eve is just around the corner! Have you transformed your lawns into graveyards yet?  Are the bats up and the spiders too?  Arleen Sevilla- Agustin  of Sweet Art by Arleen has baked  some spooky cupcakes and cookies that will surely delight all the trick-or-treaters in your neighborhood!
“In high school, I would always  come home to the smell of cookies or brownies baking  in the  oven.  It was my mom who taught me how to bake and over the years I just kept on practicing and improving my skills.  It’s a very precise art and very therapeutic too,” Arleen narrates.  “ On Fridays, I like to listen to  80’s music while I bake, mold and sculpt.  I’m able to give my best when  I have enough time to work so I really try to discourage rush orders. “


Ghosts, bloodied fingers, a black cat, bat and some eyeballs …. SPOOKY !


The Witching Hour is close at hand! HURRY and ORDER these green-faced witches and ghastly cookies! Price starts at P34/piece, minimum of 25 cookies per order.


Top row (L-R) 1.Chocolate flavored cupcakes with buttercream frosting 2. Arleen decorates the cupcakes Botom row (L-R) 3. Cupcake toppers made of fondant, marshmallows, Oreo cookies, pretzels and pretzel sticks. 4. My daughter  R watches as Tita Arleen works her magic in the kitchen.


HOW CUTE ARE THESE ???!!! Mummies, tombstones, Little Frankensteins and a skeleton made of pretzels.  TRICK OR TREAT!!! Halloween cupcakes (P1300/2 dozens)

Arleen is known in the South for making delicious cakes, cookies and other baked goodies.  I have collaborated with her on my daughter’s baptism as well as her  first birthday and have brought her “ANGRY BIRDS” cupcakes to school as a surprise to my then 8 year old son.  She understands the needs of her clients and always comes up with a masterpiece.  Here are some of her popular treats and creations.

Arleen’s bestselling cookies TOP ROW -1. Big, Fat and Chewy Chocolate Chips (P850/16 pcs). Definitely my favorite! SUPER DELICIOUS! Your kids will surely love every bite! BOTTOM ROW – 2.Cranberry Walnut Oatmeal Cookies (P840/20pcs) 3. Peanut Butter Cookies (PP650/36pcs)


“Creativity is key in every project. I try to give my clients a little more than what they expect.” Arleen’s themed cakes are certainly one of a kind. The artistry on that GYMBOREE (clown) cake is  awesome!


We had a ROYAL BAPTISM for my daughter. She was born on the same day Prince William and Princess Kate got married .  For this occasion, Arleen created an English pram (stroller) as a cake topper. Just look at all the details! She used wires, fondant and edible pearls on this project. My guests didn’t want to eat the beautiful crown cupcakes either. After perfectly molding each crown, she AIRBRUSHED the toppers with LUSTER DUST.  This truly is a work of art!

1. What is my favorite cookie from SWEET ART by Arleen?
2. Which among the baked treats would you like to try and why?

I’m sure you all went “ooh” and “ahh” when you saw Arleen’s creations.  If you see the cake she made for my daughter’s first birthday , you’ll be amazed some more (but that’s for another feature).  🙂  I recommend that you try her cookies and cupcakes first. Please feel free to contact Arleen at 0920 922 5145 for orders.  Her products are really the sweetest things!
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  1. (1) Big, Fat, Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookie is your favorite and because I trust your judgement, (2) I would like to try that one too!

  2. I love cupcakes and cookies 🙂 Can’t wait to have it posted when I saw R eating the spooky cupcakes. Got so excited like a kid. I was really amazed at her creations. I truly admire individuals who has a great talent in baking. I hope I also have that passion. I’ll grab and try her products soon 🙂 Thank You BQP for sharing another interesting feature!

  3. I really do love sweets and I want to give it a try! so yummy!
    Your fav is Big, Fat and Chewy Chocolate Chips!!! Same here! hehe
    I love to try it all, cookies and cupcakes!

  4. Your favorite cookie is Big, Fat and Chewy Chocolate Chips
    i would love to win the spooky cupcakes for my baby bella,she would be amazed on the artwork!

  5. I have tried Arleen’s cakes, not only do they look pretty, they taste so yummy as well! And she”s very easy to deal with!

  6. Wow!!! Those sweet treats look too good to eat. So much time, attention and detail goes into each one… This reminds me of what our baking teacher used to call our creations: ‘labor of love’!!!
    Fantastic job Arleen!!!

  7. Hide your cookies before Cookie Monster eats them all! You’ll reap big money in UAE with your treats, Arlene. The Emiratis have a sweet tooth. (“,)

  8. Your favorite cookie from SWEET ART by Arleen is “Big, Fat and Chewy Chocolate Chips”.
    I would love to try that too, because it is your favorite. I think is it delicious and my kids will love it too.. 😉

  9. Your favorite is the “Big Fat and Chewy Chocolate Chips”
    I’m a cupcake and cookie lover. Everytime I have friends or officemates selling this baked products I’ll surely grab one. From Ms. Arleen’s baked treats I’ll choose the Spooky Cupcakes and Halloween Cupcakes in time for the Trick or Treat and Halloween Parties. When I saw the pictures, I was really amazed on how she made the mummies, tombstones and other creatures. If it’s BQP’s recommendation, I know it’s an A plus and she even made R’s English cram cake for her Royal Baptism so it’s really beyond compare.
    Thank you for the share! I’ll try the peanut butter cookies and the cupcakes 🙂 Excited to taste it!

  10. thanks for this yummy read BQP 🙂 Its the halloween week and I am thinking of just having some sugar cookies and cupcakes designed in those cute monster looking species around the house and my office table. I’m gonna give her a call today 🙂 i really want to relish on cupcakes this weekend! thanks for the tip! I was looking at sugar cookies in the mall last week and this reading just made me think of ordering through Arleen instead 🙂
    1. What is my favorite cookie from SWEET ART by Arleen? Chocolate chip cookie
    2. Which among the baked treats would you like to try and why? Big, fat chewy cholocate chips, Chocolate flavored cupcakes, cranberry walnut oatmeal cookie 🙂

  11. It is not just the cake … it is how Arleen gives so much of herself to her creations … My favorite is Arleen’s prune cake .

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