Filipinos are by far coffee drinkers and we have totally embraced the caffeine culture by downing loads of our favorite demitasse. But what about coffee’s seemingly snooty counterpart — tea? Can we show it as much gusto as we have coffee?
Health-Tea Tips
At a recent press conference of English Tea Shop (ETS) at Fairmont Hotel, I was surprised to learn about the many healtthy benefits that tea gives. According to noted nutritionist Cheshire Que , drinking organic tea (versus run-of-the-mill tea brands) greatly improves your heart, digestive and even oral health!

L-R: ETS CEO Suranga Herath, Robinson’s Retail Holdings Inc., President and CEO Robina Gokongwei-Pe, Clever Cats International GM Evelyn Cochanco and ETS Business Strategy Manager Sashika Udayanga

Drinking organic tea greatly improves your heart, digestive, and even oral health!

In addition, did you know that there are certain tea flavors which are best taken at particular hours of the day? ETS has a range of 130 varieties of teas and tisanes at its own factory in Sri Lanka but here in the Philippines, these bestsellers have notable functions. To energize and wake up the senses, drink Earl Grey and English Breakfast. My favorite flavor peppermint and lemongrass ginger and citrus aids in digestion so its good to have it with or after lunch. For the diet conscious or people trying to lose weight, there are super berries (my daughter liked this one!) and green tea pomegranate to curb those pesky hunger pangs in the afternoon. And to lull you into a restful and relaxing eight-hour slumber, make sure to drink chamomile or ginger honey before you sleep.

The Colorful, Flavourful World of English Tea Shop

How to take your tea? Be sure that you use boiling water and not just warm water to get optimum taste and benefits. It would not hurt if you also have some pastries with it for that proper afternoon English Tea party feel and more important to balance the taste of the liquid confection.

Sipping my favorite peppermint tea!
I like ETS because it’s organic and therefore does not contain harmful chemicals and pesticides. The brand also practices fair trade as it has its own tea plantations all over the world where farmers are given fair wages and sustainable livelihood. “Consumers are assured of products that are marked by quality, innovativeness, and passion,” said English Tea Shop Founder CEO Suranga Herath.
So even if we are a predominantly coffee-loving country, the health benefits of tea drinking alone should make us want to try and take a sip. I have and it’s doing wonders for my digestion as well as the quality of my sleep. AND I love the colorful packaging, too!

ETS is exclusively available at Robinsons Supermarket nationwide.
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