Weekends always find my family in the mall deliberating on where to eat and what new food to try. So the kids and I were quite excited when we were invited to the launch of Italian brand YOGORINO at the ground floor of Glorietta 3. While my teener perused the menu, my 7 year old daughter made a beeline for the Gelata Wheel. “Cool! I want to try the milk chocolate, Mommy,” she said as she excitedly pointed to the rotating gelato containers.

New Favorite
Before long, our orders arrived. Two orders of gelato in cups (milk chocolate and tiramisu), two orders of yogurt (pistachio and brownie with almonds), french toast (melty caramel and nuts) and the fluffiest pancakes we’ve ever tasted (banana chocolate). We finished off the two pieces of french toast in record time. It had just the right mount of crunch, was not too buttery and our choice of toppings perfectly complemented the bread base. This one is a winner! Banana chocolate is the most popular variant of the pancakes. I recommend this for the hungrier snackers and it would make a perfect pair with YOGORINO’s plain gelato as it is quite heavy and filling. As for the gelato, its natural, smooth and creamy flavor is a hit with my kids.

SO DELICIOUS! Eat your pancakes and french toast with your choice of toppings.

What I like about this brand is that it offers sweet options as well as healthy ones. The yogurt, for example, is prepared with the freshest produce of the day. There’s no guilt in indulging because 100 grams of YOGORINO’s frozen yogurt only has 131 calories! And because I’m having some digestion problems recently, it’s good to know that it is also rich in probiotic enzymes that boosts the immune system and aids in good digestion. Imagine enjoying the same goodness and taste of Italian gelato with fewer calories.

YES to yogurt! Yogorino has a wide range of hefty AND healthy snacks.

Eat-aly Treats
As an ode to our Pinoy taste and to give us reprieve from the warm weather, customers can aslo enjoy a wide selection of tapioca drinks (milk-based, tea based and yogurt based). I heard that more products will be coming out soon and the best news is that a branch will soon open in Molito. That’s great for us Southerners!
For now, head on to Glorietta 3 and try YOGORINO. The café style set-up gives you a good view of the nearby Papermoom mille crepe store— the ube is a must try. But more on that in my upcoming post.
Until then!
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  1. I love sweets and of course would like to try something new. Thank you The Busy Queen P for introducing Yogorino.
    I want to try the healthy option which is yogurt pistachio flavor. Since I also love pancakes, I would like to include on my list the banana chocolate. It looks very yummy.
    Will introduce Yogorino to my friends.

  2. Oh my goodness! I would love to try the yogurt for myself and for my daughter with special needs. My husband and other daughters would love to try the gelato and the french toast. Finally, we can all be in one place and get what we want. It’s usually either a yogurt place or a gelato place, but never both. I am soooo looking forward to this family date place! Thanks for introducing this BQP! This should be worth the trip and the effort to take all my kids out for a treat.

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