I’m always on the lookout for something new to serve my children.  This is why I’m in the grocery two to three times a week.  I like to scour the aisles , look at different brands and  read labels.  When I’m  at S&R (which is where I spend  time while waiting for my daughter to come out  from pre-school), I lose track of time because there’s always something new to see.   And for some reason, lately I’ve been drawn to all things “minty”.
Here are some of the products that  I’m currently enjoying.
SWISS MISS Limited Edition Candy Cane with Peppermint Marshamallows

Use warm water so the marshmallows will melt slowly.

Somehow , drinking a hot cup of cocoa with  notes of candy canes makes the feeling of Christmas last a little bit longer.  Just had my cup this morning and I felt instantly “cheered-up!”  Great to enjoy with the whole family  during breakfast or in a cold night.
M&M’s Holiday Mint
Warning!  You may find yourself  popping one hard shelled candy  one after another! The limited edition mint flavor M&M’s will definitely melt in your mouth , not in your  hand!

I bought this for about P200 at S&R. Great for brownies as well!

OREO Mint Crème
I wish this could be available all year round!  I bought this delicious pack from THE FOOD BIN and I  really have to control myself from gobbling everything up.  The kids like it too!  Although, I must admit, nothing beats OREO Lemon!  Just make sure you exercise after having your OREO fix!


Indulge and have a mint chocolate chip cookie!

It’s chewy,  It’s oh-so-chocolatey and it’s minty! Need I say more?

Scents really do affect our moods.

Last but not least , Candy Cane  Bliss frothing handwash from Bath and Body.  I love , love this product!  I bought three  bottles from a trip to LA and I use it all year round.   It makes my hands feel squeaky clean and releases my happy hormones!   Must look for this in the newly opened Bath and BodyWorks’ shops in Manila.
I hope you liked my post for today.  I’ll be sharing more products that I think you’ll enjoy.  Remember ,  we create our own happiness.  I try to find mine in the small and simple things.
Til my next post!
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  1. Hmmm… Not such a fan of mint mixed with chocolate, but mint on its own-yes. Good you look out for fab food for your kids. That’s really an admirable trait. Remember, natural food is still the best. Enjoy!

    1. Thanks for taking the time to comment. These are indulgences. Im certainly not espousing that its better than natural food or that it be eaten everyday. Occasional treats are good for everybody . 🙂

  2. I absolutely LOVE MINT + CHOCOLATE. The mint gives the feeling of freshness but with the taste of chocolate …such a marvelous combination. Definitely equate mint with Christmas and Happiness!!!!
    And gosh mint in any bath product is so wonderful ….LOVE, LOVE, LOVE

  3. I love sweets! Super! Can’t resist. I tried the Swiss Miss and M&M mint flavor. Yummy! I also made it a point to go on exercise every week.
    Its ok to eat sweets once in a while. Good that you say to exercise after indulging.
    Thank You BQP for sharing your latest finds 🙂 I’ll try the Oreo and Chips Ahoy 🙂

    1. Thanks for taking the time to comment. We all have our preferences. Mint is an acquired taste I guess — and I LOVE IT!

  4. I am a huge fan of Chocolates and Mints but for some reason, I don’t like when the two of them combined together. I find it odd. Haha. But thanks for sharing this info though. 🙂

  5. I love Swiss Miss but only the one with Marshmallow lovers. Peppermint not so much. I feel like eating or drinking a toothpaste. 😀

    1. Hahaha. I’m glad my readers are voicing their opinions re mint. But you know there’s a reason why a lot of brands carry mint flavored treats. It’s because there’a a demand in the market for it. Thanks for the comment!

      1. You should give the candy cane SWISS MISS a try. You’ll only taste a hint of candy and not toothpaste 🙂

  6. I think so too, that Mint is an acquired taste. There are a lot of people who enjoy it and a lot who don’t. 🙂

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