“Why do women need so many bags?” . This very important question was posed by NATE to ANDY  SACHS (Anne Hathaway) in the movie THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA.  “You have one. You put all your junk in it.  And that’s it.  You’re done,”  Adrian Grenier’s character ( who happens to be a struggling chef) knowingly explains.
Well Nate, it’s not as simple as that.  Offhand, I can tell you that women don’t have “junk”,  we have “things”.  And my dear, you’ve been spending too much time in the kitchen if you think ONE bag can hold all  of our possessions.  I, myself, keep a separate room in the house to contain all of my beloved bags, shoes, and clothes… My things.
For my first fashion post, I want to share my affection for KATE SPADE.   I like her clean and modern all-American design.  It doesn’t  hurt too that her line is reasonably priced.  In my last trip, I bought two of her bags.  One is an ash-colored  tote and the other a black faux  leather arm candy.   I was lucky enough to get both at a discount .  The BQP admits she helped boost the US economy by actively participating in the shopping frenzy last December.
The SOPHIE bag is made of  waterproof material and has circles and a scatter of spades all around.  It’s a good choice for busy, on the go women.

SOPHIE – a no fuss everyday bag that’s easy to maintain

The LINDA bag has a tassel on the side and a zipper that cuts across the middle portion of the bag.  The cloth bag that protects the product reads ” she tucked her coral lipstick away and floated back to the party.”

LINDA – This very stylish bag gave me palpitations! Retails for $500 but I got it for a song!


An apt description of a woman who chooses to carry a Kate Spade bag

After a trip to Legoland California, we proceeded to the nearby Carlsbad outlet.  We were tired from walking all day in the theme park BUT the muscle pains all went away (for me and my cousin C) as we saw a big SALE  sign outside the KATE SPADE store. After lining up for ten minutes, we finally made it inside.  I saw the black number after a few minutes of admiring the purses and mentally converting how much these cost in pesos.  The first thing I noticed was that it looks like a cross between  a CELINE mini luggage and a CELINE trapeze bag.   My heart started to beat faster when I saw that it costs just a tenth of the price compared to its  snooty  high- brow sisters. Once I put the baby in my arms, I was done! (See Nate, the “done “part happens AFTER a woman decides to buy a new bag and not before.)  As cousin C was helping me  choose between the blue and black version,  an unexplained rush took over her too.  We ended up buying two identical bags!

Shopaholics unite! We just had our KATE SPADE fix at the CARLSBAD outlet. I had a hard time choosing between the blue and black versions.

I have bought this brand before and I’m quite satisfied with its performance.  Locally, you can buy KATE SPADE  items at its flagship store in Greenbelt 3, at Rockwell, at Rustan’s and at different Designers’ Boulevard shops.

The BQP’s Kate Spade Collection

The Bow bag initially caught my eye at Takashimaya mall in Singapore.  I finally bought it at a discount at the KATE SPADE store located right next to Novotel Hotel in Hong Kong.  This bag is made of hard, fuzzy felt and is very delicate.

I love details!  The side view of the bow bag shows the brand rendered in black hard plastic

I love the color combination of these purses (red with violet strap and black with white strap). Bought the wristlets three years ago and they still look brand new!
So ladies, if you’re thinking of investing in a tasteful, mid-range priced bag, the BQP recommends that you try purchasing a KATE SPADE New York purse.  I hope you enjoyed  this sneak peek of my bag collection!


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    1. Considering the number of bags we have between us , you and I must be at the pinnacle of our success AVA!

  1. Fabulous sense of fashion, Queen P! I’m sure it was worth every every pretty penny. Specially loved your blue tote. ♡

    1. In retrospect, I wish I had chosen the blue bag instead of the black. But i tried it on for a good thirty minutes and the black just won me over. Thanks for the comment Achie.

  2. Cute, fun, practical and it gets the job done. Nothing less for the queen. Can’t wait for Princess R to start her own trunk of fashionable goodies!

  3. I think it was SJP that said it best in Sex and the City —I want to see where my money goes…right in my closet 🙂 The Kate Spade collection is actually very classy and structured for convenient carrying…my sister is a big fan! Im not surprised that you are too! Which begs the question – is there a difference in quality if you purchased it from an outlet as opposed to a boutique KS store?

    1. There were two bags that I bought directly from the Kate Spade boutique but I have already sold both. The outlet bought bags are just a season late (but I was told they carry new arrivals too) and I find that there’s no difference in quality. Thank you for this comment my fellow bag connoisseur! Keep reading Tina 🙂

  4. Wow ~! So many bags :). I really like the color of the wristlets :). I’m not that fond of bags, but I did like this post :)! Tita, you should show more of your collection! Waiting for new posts to arrive soon! Also, I wish the fast recovery of R ;).

  5. What a sweet girl you are Nikka! The BQP will look in her royal trunk and check which collection to share next. Don’t forget to pray for the little princess. Thank you 🙂

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