Coffee lovers, here’s fantastic news for all of us! Krispy Kreme just launched its most woke doughut flavor – Glazed Kaffe Mocha! Now we can start our day with freshly brewed coffee and bite caffeine flavored bake delights as well.

Start your day with your favorite coffee blend and Krispy Kreme’s limited edition Glazed Kaffee Mocha Doughuts!

The smell of coffee permetaed the air once I opened the white hox with the signature red and green mini dots. The white chocolate swirls made the doughnuts more enticing to eat. What is it made of, you ask? Well, the dark chocolate doughnuts are inspired by two of Krispy Kreme’s bestsellers – Kaffe Kreme and its Mocha beverages. The dark chocolate doughuts are fille with a light kreme and glazed with decadent capuccino chocolate. DELICIOUS!

DAD will enjoy both these limited edition doughnuts fro Krispy Kreme!

For Father’s Day, you can gift your dads with three variants of Krispy Kreme’s Sporty DAD Doughnuts. Basketball, baseball ¬†or tennis? Give one or give all! Dad will surely appreciate these specially designed sweet creations.

My daughter alrady knows what she’s giving her dad for Father’s Day.

Both doughnuts are limited edition offerings so you better order in advance at Delivery or pick up options can be arranged.

With a pocketful of glitter,



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