What would you consider a perfect meal?  For starters how about a serving of warm bread with different flavors of butter?   A hearty soup and fresh greens before the main course sounds good.  Now, follow that with a hefty portion of  juicy, melt-in-your-mouth steak. Imagine the meat to be so flavorful that there is really no need to pour on any kind of sauce (but there are three condiments, just in case).  And for the consummate finale –a torched meringue dessert!  I’m writing this from memory, by the way.  I had a most enjoyable and delectable lunch last Thursday at the Cowrie Grill by The Manila Hotel.
Loyal patrons of the famed Cowrie Grill are now frequenting its new location at the back of the Promenade Mall along Missouri St., Greenhills.  The place exudes a quiet, rich elegance much like it did when it was still inside The Grande Dame.  As expected, cowrie shells adorn the well-appointed interiors.  On one side, a curtain of these stringed sea shells are hung on the ceiling.  Stylish booths that can seat up to 4 people offer privacy for diners making it the perfect venue for intimate occasions.

The perfect place to wine and dine.

 The BQP Asks the Chef
What sets Cowrie Grill apart from other fine dining places? 
“We offer a first-rate selection of premium branded steaks and fresh seafoods, fine wines and signature cocktails. People have also come to expect our exceptional service highlighted by visual drama in every table side preparation,” says Executive Chef Michael So Chan.
What can loyal Cowrie Grill  habitués and first-time guests expect from the four decade old establishment?
“We want to introduce the menu to the new generation of  diners. While we have retained the dishes that the regulars have come to love like the Ceasar salad, Lobster Bisque,  and Beef Rib to name a few, we have also added some new flavors to the menu – like the Italian dishes and other meat items.  We also now feature a Cognac bar that lists the most exquisite cognacs and brandies of the world.”
Signature Dishes
 I brought my son M to lunch that day and I must say that my normally picky eater of a boy totally enjoyed all of the Chef’s recommendations. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration when I say he ate everything! He even consumed half of my steak!

Soft rolls are served with three kinds of chilled butter – French, Mixed Herbs and Sundried Tomato)


Left: Lobster Bisque -with lobster tail medallion, flambé with brandy Right: Maitre’ D Caesar Salad- Romaine Lettuce, classic Caesar salad dressing, prepared table side)


Sherbet of the Day – A frozen dessert made from sweetened water and fresh watermelon.

US Angus Beef Rib – served with baked potato, hollandaise, peppercorn and mushroom sauce.)

US Angus Beef Rib – served with baked potato, hollandaise, peppercorn and mushroom sauce.)


Baked Alaska- Strawberry and vanilla ice cream, sponge cake, browned meringue, flambé with brandy.

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There is a reason for the longevity of Cowrie Grill.  Aside from the sumptuous fare, the service is unparalleled.  The food is served promptly and if you want to know what the ingredients are in the dish, expect a knowledgeable answer from the servers.

After we had finished our meal, one waitperson (ART if I remember it correctly) graciously ushers us to the door and tells my son, “I hope you had a magical time, Sir”.  My boy replied “I sure did! We’re bringing Daddy back next time we visit!”  He then turns to me  with a big smile and says, “I’m glad you brought me to lunch today, Mom. I really enjoyed it.”
For inquiries and reservations, call 463 1993. Cowrie Grill is open daily from 11:00 am to 3:00 pm for lunch and from  6:30 to 10:00 pm for dinner.

With a pocketful of glitter,

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  1. Looks so tempting! Can’t wait to book our dinner reservation for Father’s day. Thanks BQP!

      1. Thanks BQP! Josh will be excited to try their steak that truly melts in your mouth. Of course,, we will not miss their soup, caesar salad and some seafood. Yum!

  2. That Baked Alaska is calling me! Would love to try their steaks too. Thanks for another great recommendation BQP!

  3. I love sweets so I want to try their Baked Alaska-Strawberry Vanilla ice cream, sponge cake, browned meringue.I was amazed with the presentation. For sure this taste so good! Two thumbs up. The way you described the Angus Beef Rib makes me want to order that as well. Something new to try with my friends and family 🙂

  4. As always, excellent BQP recommendations! must try melt in-your-mouth steak and flambe with brandy! 🙂 Many thanks BQP!

  5. I would like to try the US Angus Beef Rib. Presentation is perfect and looks tempting. For sure, this is so delicious. Another great recommendation by BQP.

  6. I would love to try the US Angus Beef Rib. It looks tempting and perfectly grilled! The ice cream and cake dessert just makes me want to bite it! Hungry reader here! 🙂

  7. Mine is US Angus Beef Rib! I would love to try it! I want to taste the tender of meat and how the sauce savor the flavor of the dish! Really gastronomic as it.s finest.

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