Dining choices are becoming more varied and numerous by the day.  Filipinos are hearty eaters and are always looking for something new to try. Enter Mighty Quinn’s (MQ)! From its humble beginnings as a small stall at Smorgasburg, a popular weekend market by the Williamsburg waterfront in Brooklyn, Hugh Mangnum  took his barbecue recipe to great heights after word of his slow-cooked masterpiece spread like wildfire among New Yorkers. With his partners Micha Magid and Christos Gourmos, Hugh set up shop in the East Village in 2012.  The flagship store soon started serving 500 barbecues daily and its success did not stop there. The New York Times gave it 2 and a half stars, effectively bestowing MQ the highest rank among its competitors.  The dining establishment was also awarded as one of the Top 10 Best Restaurants in 2013. Now,  Manila foodies can now have a taste of this famous wood-smoked feast.
Brisket, Brontosaurus and Banana Bread
 The words “Cooked the old school way with wood and time” painted on a brick white wall greeted us as we entered MQ. Wooden long tables paired with metal chairs complement the industrial look of the place. Menus will only be handed to you if you ask for it. As a first time customer, that’s just what I did because there were no pictures in the menu board. The head waiter was very patient in explaining to me what the cuts were and which are the bestsellers. Then off we went to the counter to order our food.  For our mains we ordered the Brisket, the Brontosaurus and a half serving of the BBQ chicken.  Our mouths watered as the slabs of meat were taken out and cut before our eyes. The meat was literally falling off the bones! (The brontosaurus ribs can serve a party of three to four).  We also ordered fries and tall glasses of iced tea. Do get the bottomless beverage because you can ask for a different flavor upon refill.

My carnivorous boys went through the brisket and brontosaurus ribs with gusto! The resident manager told me that all the meat are imported and slow cooked on wood for a good 16 to 24 hours. I liked the brisket best. It’s a tough part of the beef but because of the unhurried process and secret spices used, the end result is a dish that’s oh-so-delicious.  The chicken, although tasty, was not in the same category as the beef platters. To finish off our meal, we each had banana pudding with a big scoop of vanilla ice cream on top. My kids loved it!

New York’s most popular barbecue has found a new home in Manila.

MQ is also a  great place for  family gatherings and celebrations. Be sure to come early because they do not accept reservations. You’ll spend an average of P500 -700 per head but the serving is big and the food is good for sharing.  Everything is made to order and served quick. I also appreciate the very attentive and friendly restaurant crew.
Looking forward to our next big meal this weekend at Mighty Quinn’s!

MQ opened its first branch in Manila December of last year at the 3rd level of the Mega Fashion Hall.
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  1. We are always looking for new places for dining. I think my mom and son will enjoy eating at Mighty Quinn’s. We want to try beef brisket and ofcourse the dessert.

  2. Based on the description and photos in this blog post, the servings are big and look like it’s good for sharing . I would love yo visit here with my friends and try the brontosaurus. The dessert with the cute kid looks delicious too!

  3. I love to try new dishes. I want to try the brisket that turns to be so delicious. Since the serving is big and good for sharing, I will invite my friend to join me. More fun of eating and chatting at the same time. After a great meal, we will try the banana pudding tapped with vanilla ice cream for our dessert. Mighty Quinn’s will be our next stop.

  4. Thank you The BQP for always introducing us to great food ideas. Can’t wait to try how the meat was literally falling off the bones since cooking was done the old school way with wood. My family really loves dining out and i think if we go to Mighty Quinn’s, we will try all the meals and of course the banana pudding topped with vanilla ice cream for our dessert.

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