There’s no stoping the holidays from arriving and our favorite Pinoy restaurant Max’s has new offerings to welcome this joyous occasion. Introducing Pinoy dishes with a twist – Max’s Calderetang Bulalo (P699) and Sizzling Bulalo (P549)! The first viand offers the hearty goodness of bulalo in a rich tomato-based stew with carrots and potatoes, and  garnished with melted cheese. The second variant features hefty servings of beef shank in a saucy gravy and topped with crispy garlic. Choose one or both! You definitely won’t go wrong with either. I personally like the Calderetang Bulalo. The sauce alone is very tasty and the meat is tender.

Calderetang Bulalo and Sizzling Bulalo from Max’s Restaurant

After a delicious meal shared with the family, dessert is a must. Try the Bibingka Cheesecake made f(P289) from layers of soft and fluffy vanilla chiffon, smooth cheesecake and topped with slices of salted egg. How about trying a Filipino classic thats been baked with a twist? The Putobumbong Cheesecake (P289) is made with glutinous rice flour with ube flavor, smooth and silky cheesecake and topped with ube crumbs, coconut and muscovado sugar. My mouth is watering already!

Holiday cheesecakes from Max’s Corner Bakery are simply delicious!

Christmas is a time for gatherings with loved ones. Share the spirit of togetherness and love by ordering in or dining in while practicing social distancing. Make sure to have these Max’s favorites as part of your feast to make it all the more speciall!

Happy eating everybody!

With a pocketful of glitter,


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