I had an Under The Sea pool party planned for the little diva’s third birthday party.  We had already bought  an “Ariel” mermaid  two piece-bathing suit which her Kuya M frowned upon and a back up Hawaiian swimsuit for her pre-swim/meeting-her-guests outfit.   But two weeks prior to her big day , we already knew that  the celebration had to be postponed.  She had contracted an eye infection  that didn’t get better after weeks of medications.  First on the upper left lid, then in the lower left lid and then, to my dismay, it spread to her right eye.  The purple sunglasses she wore wasn’t a fashion statement, it was for protection against irritants.


And so two days before her big day,  husband A and I accompanied our daughter R inside the pre-operation holding room.  Her doctors agreed she needed surgery to scrape out the lumps that had hardened. She was such a trooper! The procedure required six hours of fasting and we knew for sure  that she would ask for milk (as she always does) well before time was up.  But she didn’t.  The nurses all thought she was a darling. “Malusog!” they said.  When they asked what her nickname was , she said “Princess”! We dressed her up in hospital issued pj’s. and a cap.

We tried to keep things light before the surgery.

When the ophthalmologist and anaesthesiologist came, they reassured me that everything will be ok.  I told them with a shaky voice, “Please take care of my daughter.”  I had to hide in one of the cubicles because my tears were welling up and I didn’t want my baby girl to see .  We decided that Daddy would be the one to go with the princess to the operating room.  He told me that she fell asleep after only three seconds of inhaling the sleeping gas.  “I love you my pretty R. Daddy will be here when you wake up”  and with one last kiss,  A was escorted out to the recovery room.  It was the longest 45 minutes of waiting.

R was covered with a green blanket and crying when I saw her after the operation.  “Mom, I want to go hone (home)!” I hugged her ,”Yes sweetie, we’re going home”.

Hours after her eye surgery, we took the little one to Chili’s. She was so hungry! She ate her favorite chicken crispers with fries and corn– and ordered milkshake too.


We went to mass and offered prayers for R’s complete healing.  My little girl is always the best dressed girl during Sunday church and our neighbors always smile when she passes by.  Thank God for small blessings such as being able to hear Mass together as a family.  Thank God for big blessings like guiding the able hands of my daughter’s doctors.  I pray for “regular” days like this when simple things are made special just because everyone is healthy and  well.

To our family and closest friends who prayed for a successful operation, thank you very much.  The little diva is back and doing well.  🙂

One Lalaloopsy Mermaid for my princess , please!



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  1. Happy birthday baby girl! Tita Achie misses you so much. Im so happy your operation went well. Thank God! Love you R!♡♡♡

    1. Kuya M is very conservative when it comes to both R and myself. 🙂 That’s how his DAD is. One time M even asked me to change R’s outfit because he found it too colorful. Yaya mixed prints ad the result was a mess :P… Thanks for your birthday message Annette! 🙂

  2. Love ones (especially kids) and hospitals doesn’t really give anyone a nice feeling. But at the end of the day we are so grateful that after a procedure everything is well. And that is when we praise God for His blessings. Happy Birthday Little R! Brave girl like Mom

    1. It’s an experience I don’t want to repeat. It’s true that as mothers, we would gladly take the place of our children when they’re in danger. I thank GOD for healing R’s eyes. Thanks for the greeting Aleli. 🙂

  3. Rocio happy happy birthday! When the going gets tough, the tough gets going! Health is wealth and we are all looking forward seeing you grow as one fine lady like lalaloopsy! Hugs bqp

  4. Nothing is scarier than any of our children going in the O.R. I know how it feels. My eldest daughter had a polypectomy at 2 years old. Even if doctors tell us it’s just a minor surgery, as parents we still get nerve-wracking experiences. It’s because we are parents. Glad R is better now.

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