I weighed 95 pounds all throughout college.  I would see food and not have the slightest bit of interest in it.  I walked all the time in the sprawling  Ateneo campus since I had no car.  I was  fit , healthy and happy.  Then in law school, everything changed.  I spent all of my time studying.  My constant companions were thick law books , codals and sadly, junk food.  Eating was the way I coped with stress but still I managed to gain just a few pounds.
Over the years however, I kept on packing the weight and then would have bursts of guilt so I would exercise.   I joined a fitness club but got bored easily. Then I had a baby three years ago which gave me another excuse not to move. I got sickly and my sugar levels skyrocketed.  As I sank deeper and deeper into complacency and the mindset “I’ll exercise tomorrow,” I felt more and more helpless.

Then, last Saturday, I attended the opening of  BEYOND (yoga, anti gravity and fitness) Studio in Greenhills with my girlfriend.  We were warmly greeted by one of the  owners / Zumba instructor Sharon Yu.  The studio was already a –buzz with positive energy.  International fitness trainer Jake Ferre’s yoga class had just ended and the dance class  I had signed up for was about to start.  I squeezed in a quick chat with Jake.  “The key to getting started is to take baby steps – walk around the neighborhood, bike, swim—just MOVE! Find something that you enjoy doing.  Having a fit body enables you to function and deal with stress.”

The women of BEYOND Greenhills and guest instructor TRAINER JAKE — “We put up this franchise to inspire people to  be fit and have a healthy lifestyle.”   The Studio is located on the 2nd floor of Metropointe Center corner N.  Averilla and P. Guevarra St.

I felt a wave of excitement overcome me as the class started. Zumba is a dance fitness program that involves aerobic movements.  Sharon told the class “I will not teach the moves step-by-step.  Just follow and find your rhythm.  There are no mistakes in this class –only unexpected solos!”

The people in the class were just ready to dance , jump, lunge and groove!


Girls of all ages (and even one male student) joined the Zumba class. The room was kept to a slightly warm temperature which made us sweat a lot more. WHEW!


Teacher Sharon ( a licensed instructor from Zumba Academy) gave us quite a work-out. I loved that she chose different kinds of music. Mid-class she put on a slow version of “Proud Mary” which made me sing -along while dancing. Ok lang because I was at the back of the class, thoroughly enjoying everything. Then the music became fast (still “Proud Mary”) which made the routine even more entertaining! Our cool down song was “Rock With You” by Michael Jackson. By that time I was drenched in sweat but bursting with endorphins!

My journey to personal fitness has certainly been an uphill battle .  But this girl is  not quite ready to throw in the towel just yet … and neither should anyone of you who are similarly situated as I.  Last Saturday’s  class made me feel alive and happy!   I have decided to set an appointment with myself at least twice a week.  I have rediscovered my love for dancing.  Teacher Sharon was correct “I’m warning you– ZUMBA is addicting!”

“We don’t sweat in this class — WE GLOW!”


SUCCESS! All it takes is just one step in the right direction. To a healthier existence!


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  1. I love this post BQP…it reminds me that despite of our busy lifestyle we still need to give attention to our body not because we want to look good but simply because Health is Wealth!

  2. I do Zumba at home due to my erratic schedule. My wish is to enroll in one since its never the same if you dance with a group. We have to be fit especially now that our metabolism is slower. Hope they branch out in Pasig soon. 🙂

  3. Professional Yoyo dieter here so quite familiar with the excuses you mention. I am hoping to reform and finally stick to a healthy lifestyle that I can stick to forever. I find it hard to have to go to somewhere to exercise and change clothes, plus go a specific time. What I found is doing it at home works best for me but I would also love to go to a class like you did sometimes….looks so much fun! Good luck, BQP….perhaps you should do a whole series on health & fitness, places to eat and most important places to shop to look your best at the gym/studio 😉

  4. Ok i’m trying it and this will be my gift to self this Christmas = a healthier me for 2015 🙂 nice seeing you glow BQP! keep it up 🙂 stay happy and glowy !

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