RACKS has made a name for itself as the home of flavorful, fall-off-the-bone ribs which are hickory –smoked and flame-grilled to perfection. In the numerous times we have visited, we no longer have to ask for the menu as we have our favorites committed to memory. “Two orders of half rack pork ribs with a side of gravy fries, corn and carrots, cole slaw and shredded corn on the cob and a plate of carbonara, please !”
This summer though, RACKS has upped its meat game as it introduces its Katsu-rrific pork ribs. Our favorite all- American ribs gone Japanese? We were curious. In Japanese cuisine, tonkatsu is a popular pork dish. It’s a pork cutlet, coated in flaky potato breadcrumbs then deep-fried, resulting in a dish that’s crispy on the outside yet tender on the inside.
What better way to test if this latest rendition of ribs is up to par than have a taste for ourselves? So that’s what we did last week on our weekly family date night. As the kids were about to order our flame-grilled favorite version, I promptly announced that we were trying something new for the night. Quizzical eyes stared at me. “Okay. How about we order the grilled pork ribs and you try this new Katsu flavor?” Everyone nodded in unison.

RACKS KATSU PORK RIBS -We like the Japanese twist! Crisp coating with tender meat in every bite!

Our verdict? We loved it! My daughter finished half of the quarter rack I ordered and kept on saying “YUM!” The outside layer was crunchy ,the meat inside tender and flavorful.

Our verdict? We loved it! My daughter finished half of the quarter rack I ordered and kept on saying, “YUM!” She, however, preferred to eat the pork ribs Katsu without the accompanying sauce. My son liked it with the sauce and asked for extra. It comes with a side of skinny fries and coleslaw. For PHP 499 it’s really a good deal for our small family of four. Well, that and another quarter rack of the good ole’ flame –grilled one made for one satisfying dinner!
So what are you waiting for? This mouthwatering dish is only available until JUNE 30 only. Have a bite NOW!
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