In search of  new flavors to try?  Mabuhay Palace at the Grande Dame currently has a month long offering of novel gustatory delights that are guaranteed to  whet your appetite.  Sharing their culinary innovations, the people behind the famous Chefs Gallery of Sydney are now in town as  Manila Hotel’s featured guest chefs.  Gourmet masters Executive Chef Wing who specializes in Szechuan, Yangtse and Shandong cuisine and Head Chef Sam Du, known for his native Chinese and Pan-Asian dishes will head the team.
At the media launch,  select diners were treated to a masterful display of noodle making.  I’ve seen noodles made from scratch and pasta guitars (known as chitarra in Italy) from random cooking shows at the Lifestyle Network.  It was, however, the first time I’ve watched dough transformed by the chef’s bare hands to thin pasta strings.  The whole process took barely  five minutes!  He even  set fire to a few strands to prove how thin they really were.  Patrons of the Mabuhay Palace should expect just a bit of waiting time when they order the handmade noodles from the promotional menu.  “Our noodles are à la minute.  All noodles are freshly prepared, being twisted, pulled, split, and folded in minute and cooked specifically to your order.  The flour dough is transformed to the finished twists of delicate noodles, in a blur of ambidextrous hand movements by the master noodle chef”  shared  Nian Liwanag-Rigor, Asst. Vice President for PR & Corporate Communication.

Chef Wing demonstrates how to make noodles.

In my previous dining reviews and recommendations, I always give points to places where I can bring the whole family.  The minute I sank my teeth into the juicy Macanese style mini burgers, I knew my kids would love it!  The mini buns had a creamy crunchy taste to it that reminded me of  slightly overdone french toasts.  Filled with  pork fillet, pork floss, lettuce and a sweet chili mayo dressing, these burgers are delicious!  I also liked the Tataki Wagyu Beef with Sichuan style spicy dressing, Prawn and Pork wonton and the Shredded Pecking Duck served with cucumber, hoisin sauce rolled inside  flu-y Chinese Roti. Moutwatering! You have to park your diet-obsessed twin self by the door before partaking of the sumptuous fare.  Enjoy the spread as you appreciate the imperial Neo-classical interior and handcrafted panels made of jade and precious stones.

Must-try mini burgers


Spinach Seafood Pasta


Shredded Peking duck that tastes even better than it looks.

There’s always something new to try at the good ole Grande Dame.
This promotion will run  at the Mabuhay Palace until April 17, 2016. For more information, please call the Food and Beverage Team at  527 0011 local 1260 to 1261.
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