Calling all food lovers! Some of you may have dined at this One Michelin Star restaurant in Singapore, Hong Kong or even Beijing. Now, there’s no need to fly out of Manila because Putien has just opened its very first branch in The Podium Mall.
What makes Putien an award-winning restaurant? For one, it offers intricately prepared dishes with key ingredients harvested and obtained in specific seasons and select places in Fujian alone. Founder Mr. Fong Chi Chung shares, “It’s my mission to share the culinary flavors of my hometown Putian to an international audience.” The Vikings Group made it possible for that mission to extend to Philippine shores.

PUTIEN began as a coffee shop in Singapore. Now it has 65 outlets in Asia. Its cuisine is characteristically light, down-to-earth and flavourful, with an emphasis on using only the freshest ingredients.

With select guests from media in attendance, Putien showcased some of its dishes at the recently held launch last November 15. We were handed menus and given a free hand to choose whatever we liked to try. Our party of seven chose the following: Chili Crabs with buns, Black Pepper Crabs, Cereal Prawns, Steamed Prawns in Minced Garlic, Fried Chicken, Sweet and Sour Pork with Lychee, Abalone and bowls of the “number one must-try” -the Putien Bian Rou soup. The soup dish with 500 years of history in each bowl contains wonton that is made from pork hind leg meat pounded for 12,000 times and kneaded for one and a half hours.

PUTIEN’s dishes are cooked with the freshest ingredients.

It was love at first crack, taste, and dip for me. The Chili Crabs top my list of favorites. Served in generous portions with six pieces of buns for dipping in the sauce, I fell in love. Lychees used in the Sweet and Sour pork are air-flown from Putian. Its sweet and succulent taste is a perfect complement to the dish. The Steamed Prawns were gone too soon! Fresh and flavorful, it was easily a crowd favorite. Even the unassuming Fried Chicken was prepared to please. With its crispy skin and delicious meat, it’s sure to become one of the restaurant’s top dishes.

Putien is now open at the 5th level of Podium Mall in Ortigas.

**Putien is located at Level 5 of The Podium Mall. From now until November 24, diners will be treated to a free dish of Shredded Pork with Sesame Bun. Vikings reward cardmembers will be given a complimentary dessert from November 25 to December 2. 
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