Moms always have to be on their feet 24/7. No breaks, no calm, no time to take care of one’s self. This is why most women find themselves at the short end of the bargain.  Burnt out, exhausted, and running on empty.  It’s high time for a positive change.

A few months after its opening at Robinson’s Galleria, First Bloom Lasers and Infusions has become the go-to urban sanctuary of women (and men). Offering a wide range of treatments that include facials, skin whitening, laser treatments, vitamin infusions, and skin contouring (Ultherapy), clients are assured that there’s a solution to every skin concern they want to address.

Find First Bloom Lasers and Infusions at the 3rd Floor of Robinson’s Galleria


Dr. Rosabel Nazal and Vanna Garcia Kaw espouse mindful ME time and are making premium skincare affordable to the modern Filipina.

Bloom Facial

While the kids were both at school, I visited the skin center and tried their Bloom Facial. It’s a 60-minute procedure that cleanses, exfoliates via a mint facial scrub, and hydrates the skin.  With an instrument that measures the moisture level of the skin, my skin therapist Cherry disapprovingly announces, “Ma’am 12% lang ang moisture level ng skin mo. No worries po. We will address that.”  My face was vacuumed, steamed, pricked (I requested that to get rid of blackheads) and thereafter, a mask was applied to soothe it. Then Cherry put the Aquapure machine to work. The first step was to remove dry, dead skin with the use of a vacuum. The machine squirts a solution (salicylic acid)to help in the process. The second step is to remove more blackheads and whiteheads (that may have been missed in the manual pricking). And finally, hyaluronic acid is applied to the face to lock in moisture.

Bloom Facial – You need a break! Treat yourself to a facial every two weeks.

A round head which releases laser beams is then massaged all over the face to allow the solutions earlier administered to be better absorbed by the skin. Then the lifting microcurrent head was used to make the skin around the jaw tighter. Finally, to close the pores a cooling instrument is used to relax the skin. The radiant result? My skin now had a moisture level of 99%! The effects can be seen right after and I’m happy to report that it lasted for a good three weeks.

Cost: 1500

Hollywood Peel

Almost a month from enjoying the Bloom Facial, I went back to try the Hollywood Peel. As its name suggests, celebrities here and abroad are big fans of the treatment. The first step is a clean canvass. Cherry wiped off the light blush I had on before applying powdered carbon thinly all over my face. Then I was asked to put on opaque silver goggles. A machine is used to emit small amounts of laser. I felt a little tingle every time the laser hit my skin. This is done five times at different intensities. Half an hour later, I walked out of the clinic with bright-looking skin. What should you expect?  The procedure tightens the pores, reduces pigmentation and wrinkles, and stimulates collagen production.  Contrary to the name, no peeling happens during or after the procedure. It is non-ablative meaning the method is noninvasive and does not break the skin. The Hollywood Peel is highly recommended to be done monthly to get the best result.

Self-care is Sacred. Indulge and pamper yourself with a Hollywood Peel.

The Busy Queen P Recommends First Bloom Lasers and Infusions

Value for money is what you get for all the treatments. I love that the procedures are all done with care and never hurried. The therapist patiently explains the steps, and the client can just enjoy the pampering in a clean private cubicle.  In fact, before doing a procedure Michelle Gomez (Miss Earth – Air 2016), First Bloom resident Marketing Manager, is at the front desk ready to greet, recommend and explain the treatments in the menu. Drinks are served in the lounge.

So if you’re looking for a place to relax and unwind, do visit First Bloom Lasers and Infusions located at the 3rd Floor of Robinson’s Galleria Mall.

With a pocketful of  glitter,




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