Hey Pancake House fans! You’ll be glad to know that your favorite Classic Pan Chicken now comes in a bucket! You don’t need to be limited to two pieces or three pieces per order. Each bucket now comes with six big pieces of the citrusy-crunchy fried pan chicken. Choose from side orders like mashed potatoes and cole slaw. Of course, the pan chicken cannot be enjoyed fully without drizzling it with Pancake House’s signature gravy.

The Holidays are Here! Enjoy the Classic Pan Chicken Holiday Bucket Bundle for only P899.

For PHP 899, the Classic Pan Chicken Holiday Bucket is matched with a generous serving of Pancake House’s spaghetti with bread plus a big bottle of Coke. Your family’s regular meal will surely be instantly transformed into a feel-good feast! The chicken parts are big and pasta serving is hefty so it’s really worth your money.

My little one can’t hide her excitement! Her favorite comfort food are spaghetti and chicken from Pancake House!

‘Tis the season to feel good again! The holidays are upon us and that means family and food. Order your Pan Chicken Holiday Bucket bundle now! Call 888-79000!

With a pocketful of glitter,



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