A quick look inside my mini make up kit will reveal the barest essentials.   Brown eyeliner, pressed powder,  a four palette blush on and a slightly frosted scented reddish pink lipstick.  For decades, I would only wear make-up when there was an absolute need for it like graduations, my wedding , or on my children’s baptism.  I think I’ve only applied mascara thrice in my entire lifetime! Seriously.
Whereas, I got by with my no-make-up  look for years, now I find that  I can’t ignore that time is slowly catching up and  I must take action.  For the first time in all my travels abroad, I actually brought home  a bagful of beauty products.  Why didn’t  I discover this before?   It gave me the same high as buying shoes —well, almost! Still, there are days when I really have no time to doll myself up. That and the fact that my kindergarten level make-up skills have set me back from enjoying all my  purchases.
Luckily , I have discovered yet another beauty treatment worth sharing.  This one will make you want to pucker, pout and pose playfully .   From Browhaus, the same salon that brought you Brow Define (skilled threading, grooming and coloring of brows) now comes Lip Define. “Lip define is a semi-permanent tattoo treatment that is brighter and more natural looking compared to the traditional lip tattoo.  Browhaus has spent 5 years on research and development to perfect this technique.  Our skilled brow specialists have years of experience and all are trained to advice the clients on the best color to use depending on their skin tone.  With proper care, the rosiness of the lips will last anywhere from one to three years”,  said Managing Director Tab Estacion- Abad.

Luscious lips can be yours from Lip Define.


The model’s lips are nicely shaped but they have dark spots and uneven tones. After the procedure, the lip color is enhanced and the natural shape of the lips defined.

Inside one of the green rooms of the submarine themed  brow salon in Greenbelt 5, I was both anxious and excited.  Anxious because I have zero tolerance for pain (I ask for anaesthesia even for a simple tooth filling) and excited because I was looking forward to having red lips.   I asked Jen varying versions of how much the procedure will hurt.  She laughed and assured me that the most pain I will feel will be in the most sensitive part which is the lip line.
I was shown before and after photos of clients , the different vegetable dyes that I can choose from as well as the sealed needle that will be used.  “Don’t worry Ma’am.  I will follow your natural lip line.  I will just give it more definition. “ A numbing patch was then  placed on my lips for 25 minutes.  The beating of my heart slowed down as my “hurt meter” registered “tolerable”.
Halfway  through, a numbing lotion was applied to my lips because I was starting to feel the needle pricks.  I was given two after-care products (Build and Fix) to aid in recovery, better color absorption as well as moisturizing the lips.   I was also given a list of don’ts – Do not smoke, refrain from eating seafoods and don’t drink hot liquids.
I experienced minimal stinging after. No swollen fish lips or lips that look like it’s been stung by a bee.  It was very, very red though.  Within 2 days of religiously applying Build and Fix, the scabs fell off on its own and the color was not as intense.   I was able to attend an event within 5 days of the procedure.
It’s been a month since my Lip Define experience and I’m one happy red-lipped mama!  I’m scheduled for a retouch to make the color more even.  Waking up with (as the villaness Queen Gremhilde of Disney fame  puts it) lips as red as a rose is really quite a treat!  Each morning I look at the bathroom mirror and my lips never fail to form a wide smile.  What a great way to start the day!

Browhaus Salon’s branch at the Mega Fashion Hall

With a pocketful of glitter,
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