I’m sure you’ve heard people say, “Never sleep with make-up on!” Well, that warning has a basis. Skin irritation, rashes, pimples, itching – the list goes on and on. Most users don’t really read product labels for ingredients. Most often, women go to the boutiques to find the right shade or just buy what we’ve seen in ads without really knowing if the product is as good as its pretty packaging.

The good news is local brand Celeteque via its DermoCosmetics line advocates wearing makeup that promotes skin health and not damages it. As an avid user, I can attest that the products succeed in giving a flawless makeup base while simultaneously tendering expert skincare that’s backed by science.

Celeteque via its DermoCosmetics line advocates wearing makeup that promotes skin health and not damages it.

I’ve said time and time again that I’m a no-fuss momma who needs to prettify as fast as possible. When I first tried the DermoCosmetics line a year ago, I immediately liked the convenience of having to spend only ten minutes to get ready. All I needed was primer, powder, a bit of eyeliner, lip gloss/balm and I’m ready to start my day. The fact that my make-up doubled as skin solutions made both the Dual CC Matte Powder (PHP399) and CC Micro Hydrating Powder (PHP499) necessities in my book. I use the former when I want something lighter than a foundation. But I have to say that Celeteque’s 24-Hour Photoready Foundation (PHP450) gives great coverage when I attend parties and events. That it serves to not only lighten the skin but also iron out wrinkles when used consistently, makes it tops in my book.

Gretchen prefers her make up to be simple, effective and affordable.

And when I do have more time in my hands, I use the 24-Hour Matte Primer (PHP375). Who likes being oily and shiny? This primer takes care of the shine while minimizing fine lines. Winner, right?
My favorite though is the CC Hydrating Powder. From its auto-grinding mechanism (Just twist and out comes the right amount of powder. No spill, no fuss!) to its hydrating property and the SPF 30 protection, what’s not to love?

Wait! Have you noticed how affordable the products are? These days we all have to be wise spenders. So the next time you but makeup, you may want to consider purchasing skin-caring over skin damaging. You know it’s the right thing to do.

This range is available in Watson’s and SM beauty stores nationwide.
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