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Summer is here and there’s no heat that can quite compare to what we experience here in the Philippines. Some even joke that we only have three kinds of weather — hot, hotter and hellfire. Teeheehee. Seriously, though, blazing heat means we have to take extra good care of our skin.

I have sensitive and oily skin. My kids have super sensitive skin. This is the reason why I’m very careful about choosing skincare products. I cannot risk trying new or untested brands as the result can be disastrous. Fortunately, there’s one brand that has over 275 years of expertise in sensitive skin and that is Avéne. At the heart of this French brand is the Eau Thermale Spring Water which is a naturally soothing source of relief for sensitive skin since 1973. This precious water is harnessed and bottled on site by the company and is used by millions worldwide. History has it that 200 years ago, a horse suffering from alopecia would visit and drink from the spring in a little village in France. Soon the horse’s hair and mane became full and lush again. People started bathing in the spring and found that the water had properties that can cure skin problems. Fast forward to today, Avéne is recommended by dermatologists worldwide –most especially to patients who have hyper sensitive skin.


If you are looking for safe, tested and hypoallergenic products, then Avène ticks all three boxes. The Thermal Spring Water (available in 50ml (P630)/150ml (P800), and 300ml (P1200)) is a unique and original composition that soothes, softens and restores the skin’s natural balance. It may be sprayed on the face or any part of the body after a bath, while traveling, after sun exposure, after shaving, or post-surgery. It’s even safe to use on babies (diaper rash). Likewise, it’s effective to soothe redness, irritation and itching. Just pray a light mist , leave 2-3 minutes and gently dry the skin after.

Naturally soothing –
Avéne products are trusted by dermatologists worldwide.

And since summer is upon us, we must have an efficacious sunscreen within reach. The VHP SPF 50 + Intense Protect Ultra Water  Resistant Fluid (P1940) is a powerful anti-oxidant that protects skin cells fro free radicals. What I like about this spray is that it’s very light on the skin, does not leave white marks or blotches, and is easily absorbed. There’s less contact on the skin as well because it comes in a spray form. No need to spread it on your face using your fingers. Furthermore, it’s silicone, paraben and alcohol free. It can also be used when swimming as it’s water resistant.

As I earlier mentioned, I constantly battle with oiliness on my T-zone so the Avéne Cleanance Cleansing Gel (P1350) is perfect for me. I also experience (thankfully not often) breakouts so this product addresses that as well. It deeply cleanses, is not harsh on the eyes and skin, and helps regulate oil secretions. And as in all Avéne products, this Cleansing Gel is very rich in thermal spring water which soothes and softens skin.

For those who are prone to breakouts, here’s the solution for you. The Cleanance Mattifying Emulsion (P1600)helps eliminate mild to moderate blackheads, blemishes and spots. It may be used together with skin medications. What it does is it gently exfoliates, mattifies (hides the unsightly marks) as it purifies the skin. Rich in Glycerin Laureate, it also aids in regulating oil production.

Tell me what you think after trying the products! All are available in Watson’s stores and online at the Avéne Flagship Store in Lazada and The Goodwill Market .

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