SPÄTZLE (pronounced as “spech-lee”) is a sparrow shaped  pasta that  is eaten all over Europe.   It is also the name of  the restaurant which has been serving Euro dishes to the Manila crowd since it opened a year ago at the East Wing of Edsa Shangri la Mall . Co-owners Jennifer Pe ,  Gail Gochango and Chef RJ Ungco  joined my family for lunch and eagerly explained the inception of  SPÄTZLE Euro Market Cafe.  “We wanted to veer away from the regular fare and offer something new and exciting.  SPÄTZLE  introduces Swiss- German and French cuisine in a novel way  to the discriminating Pinoy palette, “ said Gail.  “Here, everything is  freshly made  –from the pasta (they only serve two kinds- the gnocchi and spatzle) , to the potato chips to the  dough in our tarte,”adds Jen.

Credit goes to Gail for the  homey yet modern look of the cafe. A chalkboard on an easel greets the customers. Mini greenboards are placed on top of the tables to announce the day’s menu.

Resident Chef RJ Ungco, who is a graduate of the prestigious Le Roches International School in Switzerland,  is responsible for the restaurant’s menu. “I want to serve dishes that will make customers come back for more.  I’ve tried to make European cuisine more enticing by injecting it with Filipino flavors.  So  instead of being perceived as too high-brow, Spatzle has made it possible for Swiss/German/French  cuisine  to be appreciated as comfort food. ”

Here with Chef RJ, Jen and Gail. “Our menu is a work in progress. I try to offer something new every weekend and see how our customers receive it, ” says the chef. The battered veggie chips in front of me is not yet on the menu. I told them it should be!

Fruit and Veggie Cold Drinks

GRUN JARS (PHP160) (L-R) – 1. Our favorite among the three drinks – the Z-SLUSH! Made of zucchini, honey and lemon, this drink is so refreshing. Who would’ve thought we’d be gulping zucchini! The perfect choice to quench your thirst. 2. SUMMER SOOTHER – has apple, carrot, celery and orange 3. RED COOLER – has cucumber, watermelon, carrot and mint.

Chips n’ Dip

PAPRIKA POTATO CHIPS (PHP145) – Crispy and zesty haus cooked chips served with mayo. The kids demolished this in minutes!

Is that a Pizza, Mom?

MUST- TRY! MONTE BLANC TARTE FLAMBE (PHP325) – Pancetta, bacon, spinach, mushroom and cream sauce based tarte flambé topped with fresh made spiced potato chips.We’ll order this for sure in our next visit.   GREAT FOR SHARING!

Salad in a Wrap

THE HEALTHY CHOICE – You may also opt to eat your salad in a wrap.  SALMON NICOISE GRUN WRAP (PHP315) – Smoked salmon, fresh mesclun greens, boiled egg, capers all wrapped in a healthy buckwheat galete.



NO SPAGHETTI! Only sparrow shaped pasta us used in the  SPATZ CARBONARA (PHP275). The serving is intentionally modest because the pasta is freshly made ( not dehydrated) and is surprisingly very filling. This dish is a favorite of the kids and grown-ups alike!

Patty and Potato

ROESTI HAUS BURGER (PHP355) – This Swiss potato pancake is golden and crispy on the outside and creamy on the inside. Paired with an all-beef burger, sunny side-up egg with a side of sausage gravy, this meal can definitely satisfy your hunger pangs!


Due to the limited availability of ingredients, some dishes are only served during the weekend.  Glad that we  DID come on a weekend -otherwise we would’ve  missed out on the next dish. IT TASTES EVEN BETTER THAN IT LOOKS!

Pìece De Resístance

SAVING THE BEST FOR LAST! — WEEKEND ROAST PORK BELLY (PHP685) 500 g of slow roasted pork belly with citrus and rosemary rub, served with peach-pork jus, side salad and garlic rice overload!  The skin is so crispy and the thin layer of fat melts in the mouth!  “SUPER SARAP!” Just look at the picture and pay no heed to my description.  This dish scores an 11/10!


Delightful Desserts!

FROZEN BRAZO  (PHP285) – Meringue, egg yolk and a serving of ice cream in the middle —- need I say more? 🙂


My three year old’s favorite – FONDUE TASSE (PHP285) – A simmering pot of Swiss bittersweet and Toblerone chocolate served with an assortment of dippers (banana slices, marshmallows and choco sticks) — a sweet end to a delighful meal!

Our dining habits are changing because of the different cuisine that I’m able to expose my family to.  It’s a good thing! I, for one, was skeptical at first about eating in a restaurant with  a name I can’t even pronounce.  Having hurdled that,  I am confident that you will enjoy the many dishes offered by SPÄTZLE.  Congratulations to the innovative Chef RJ Ungco!  I’m looking forward to more savory eats at the café!

SPÄTZLE Euro Market Cafe can be found at the 5th floor , East Wing of Edsa Shangrila Mall in Mandaluyong. Come and visit soon!


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  1. Must try Salmon Nicoise, Roasted Pork Belly, Fondue! Thanks always for your trusted recommendations, BQP! 🙂

  2. Can’t wait for a break in school so I can drag mom to check it out!! She and I love trying new cuisinesand I’m always up for anything pasta. Great review as always BQP!

  3. I’m excited to bring my mom there and try their Salmon Nicoise Grun Wrap, Roast Pork Belly and Frozen Brazo!

  4. I can’t wait to try the salad, Frozen Brazo and the roast pork. I am already drooling here. hihi

  5. Love the resto’s layout! 🙂 the idea of having a chalkboard to show the menu for the day is soooooo European! 😉 love it!
    Will try frozen brazo with my family soon. 😉

  6. I’ve tried Spatzle twice but i haven’t had the chance to taste most of the items mentioned above. Now I am more than interested to go back and check out the colored slushes, the wrap, the burger, the pork belly and even the frozen bravo! good review and how cute your little diva pic in the end. Thanks for this take on dining out. Unique review! till the next one :)!

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