The long weekends are certainly welcome respites that we all look forward to.   With the crazy traffic situation and the controversial INC rally along  EDSA raging, my family chose to book in a hotel near the malls.  This way, we saved  on travel time and  were able to  engage in plenty of activities at the nearby retail and entertainment hubs.

Welcome to Discovery Primea!

It took us less then half an hour from the South Super Highway to reach our destination – Discovery Primea (6749 Ayala Avenue, Makati).  The small lobby is very charming , well lit and airy.  While our two-room suite was being prepared, we were served complimentary calamansi drinks at the Gilarmi Lounge.  My boys downed their drinks but my little girl and I just took a few sips .  It was a tad too sour.

Sour welcome drinks. 🙁

Upon entering our room, my kids got excited  as it was the first time for us to stay here.

Love our bedroom! Photo credit :

A dessert tray filed with brownies, mini-fruit tarts and a vase of marshmallow pops greeted us in the kitchen.

My girl devoured the mashmallows in no time!

The Discovery Primea bedrooms are typically appointed with beds that you can sink into.  What I like about the master bath though is that  it had a television at the foot of the tub.  I love taking long bubble baths so  I give this set-up plus points.

After settling in, we decided to head for Glorietta which was just across the place.  In order to get there, you have to take the underpass that leads directly to the 6750 building.  From there , you cross the street and take the Mercury Drug entrance to Glorietta.  We had lunch, bought tickets to the evening showing of Adam Sandler’s PIXELS and played PACMAN at the stand alone arcade game. 
We went back to the hotel to take a short afternoon nap.  To my dismay, workers started hammering  outside the kitchen windows!  This  cut my short nap shorter.

The Next Day
 Boo for Breakfast
Breakfast was set at Tapenade on the main floor.  I think this is where Primea loses points.   For a luxury hotel, the selection of food is  quite disappointing. The spread was VERY limited.  Basically it was just a buffet of breads, spreads, fruits and cereals.  For P15k+++ a night, I feel a little shortchanged.  My children were looking for bacon and eggs.  The husband wanted a good ham. You get to order a drink though (coffee, tea or hot choco and a main course).  Aside from this, we were given a menu to choose our entrée . We got to order 4 main courses because our room occupancy/rate allowed it.  I saw frowns from across the table.

I ordered milkfish (bangus) which came with three sunny side up eggs. I don’t like “orangey” egg yolks so I gave away two of the eggs. My son’s french toast tasted chewy and heavy to the bite. Very different from the french toast from the light UCC serving which I’ve grown accustomed to.

Water Fun
We totally loved the infinity pool on the third floor.  The depth of  the pool is about four to four and  a half feet all throughout.  My daughter developed sniffles overnight and I was reluctant to make her swim.  My son, however,  assured me that the water was warm.  The  pool had a heater.   There were very few early swimmers so ,for the most part, we had the pool all to ourselves.

The kids had major fun in the pool!

All in all , it was a good stay. I give  Discovery Primea  a grade of  7.8 in a scale of 10.

With a pocketful of glitter,
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