All of us have our favorite flavors and mine include mint, coffee, lemon, purple yam (“ube”) and blueberries. So the introduction of Krispy’ Kreme’s latest flavored doughnuts Blueberry Bliss Glaze made me very curious. On its launching day last August 3, my daughter and I headed to the nearest Krispy Kreme store so we could give it a try. Our verdict? Fresh and delightful!
Imagine everyone’s beloved KK doughnut infused with bits of blueberries—it’s a perfect match! For some who may find the original glaze a tad too sweet, the infusion of tangy blueberry is just the right addition to counter the sugary taste.

Want to try Blueberry Bliss Glaze? Hurry and head on to the Krispy Kreme store because it will only be available until August 23.

Berry Best Treat! We got hold of a dozen Blueberry Bliss Glaze doughnuts at the Krispy Kreme ATC store!

In the US, the brand conducted a customer survey and made them choose from several fruit, chocolate and other saccharine flavors. Guess which one won? Lemon! So let’s just wait and see if the Pinoys will also have a serving of this flavor some time soon. (I heard from reliable sources that two other glazed delights will be launched in the coming months! Both are top choices of Pinoys- this much I can divulge.)
For now, let’s all enjoy Blueberry Bliss Glaze! Hurry, because it will only be available until August 23.

Thank you Krispy Kreme for the blueberry surprise!

Berry Blissfully Yours,


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