I’m so used to going to crowded malls where you have to pray for a parking space, wait to be seated in restaurants ,  and worse you can’t  “overtake” the slow moving person ahead of you.  So I was really quite surprised that I didn’t have any of these woes when I visited (and several times thereafter) CENTURY CITY MALL.   Located  along Kalayaan Ave. corner Salamanca St,  , this boutique mall houses 100 shops and  is the perfect place for leisure and relaxation.

Here’s a sneak peek at some of the stores you can find at the mall.

CCM houses a carefully curated selection of local and global brands. Brighten up your wardrobe at DESIGUAL, grab a pair of cutesie Hello Kitty rubber shoes at RUBIshoes and check out the latest in cosmetic products at the BEAUTY BAR.

Visit the showroom at the ground floor of CCM mall.

Visit the showroom at the ground floor of CCM mall.

I simply adore CHIBI MOMO!  Stuffed animals,  wooden blocks, children’s costumes. —even French fragrances.  The store is every kid’s dream as it is every mom’s delight!

A must-visit-store for moms and toddlers!
Toys, trinkets and costumes!

Ready to splurge a little more ?  For your  Gucci, Ferragamo ,TODD’s and other luxury brand cravings, check out 158, designer’s boulevard located at the ground floor.

Do you want to try puto bumbong pancakes at EARLY BIRD BREAKFAST CLUB ,  yoghurt with honey, walniuts and blueberry at GREEK YOGHURT — well, what about a good old riddle  (bugtong) served with miniature rice puto  before your main mealat XO 46?   But if  you’re looking for comfort food , there’s also IHOP, CALIFORNIA PIZZA KITCHEN and my favorite CALI BURGER (love the sweet chicken wings and milkshake!)

 CCM boasts off open spaces and greenery.  From the alfresco dining areas on the fourth level one can view the interactive multimedia spectacle. The music, light and water show are on once daily and twice on weekends.
There’s also 12 MONKEYS where you can unwind , enjoy a drink or two while you listen to different  live bands. 

January schedule of bands

 There are four cinemas in the mall and all are equipped with Dolby Surround  sound systems.  The premier cinema, however, boasts of Lazy-boy leather seats. But that’s not all, for Php500, you can watch a movie here and  get a free bucket of popcorn to boot!

See you at the movies!

1.  What do you think of Century City Mall?
Just leave your answers on the blog.

Aside from its many atractions, another thing I like about Century City Mall is its CONCIERGE SERVICE.  They can handle anyrhing and everything .  From personal shopping, to fetching you and your friends (group of 5) from designated areas in their free shuttle service, to keeping your grocery while you watch a movie and  even arranging a wedding proposal to your unsuspecting girlfriend! They will help plan, reserve and deliver all that you need!  Just call 705-6200.

Plan a party, reserve seats at the cinema or get a special gift delivered to a loved one — these are just some of the services offered by the CCM Concierge.

It’s a new year and it’s definitely time to discover new places to go, dine and shop. So this weekend , come and take a stroll at CENTURY CITY MALL!

Until my next post!
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  1. Malls can be a bit crowded sometimes. I think Century City Mall offers a relaxing yet fun shopping experience. Not only that, shoppers get to see and hear their favorite bands perform live, without the claustrophobic feeling. I guess I would be visiting Century City Mall when I next have a vacation! (“,)

  2. A friend of mine who lives in Makati is a frequent visitor of Century City Mall. Your description confirms what she was saying about the place. Should pay a visit especially when we are in the area. Thanks BQP!

    1. I love the relaxed atmosphere that allows me to shop at a leisurely pace.
      Although small in size, it has everything one needs for condo living.
      Whenever I need a retreat from the rest of the world, I go here to window shop. It is my happy place where whatever my woes at the moment melts away.

  3. Century City Mall is perfect for shoppers who want a relaxed atmosphere, less crowd, stress-free parking, and clean toilets without paying a fee. That is why we enjoy going to this mall. 🙂

  4. I’ve been to this place once when I went to 12 Monkeys Music Hall & Club in the evening. But I haven’t been to the mall itself.
    Thanks BQP for this post. I find this place interesting. I’m curious about their Cinema as I want to experience their “Lazy-Boy Leather Seats” while watching a movie……hehe!

  5. The mall looks like it’s perfect for the family. Very interested to try the different restaurants you mentioned and of course, I wouldn’t want to miss the cinemas! Thanks for sharing!

  6. D’ mall that’s waiting to be discovered. Can’t wait to share the happy experience to all of my friends.

  7. Century City Mall is a very elegant mall, with a lot of amenities to be discover. It will be Awesome to go there and have a movie date with my hubby

  8. Id like to consider the Century Mall as a tiny mall but yet has just the right things that you wanted. I love it that there still a variety of restos to choose from and I find it very safe , it’s well secured.

  9. I love Century Mall from the first time I’ve been there. First the wifi speed is really great. The movie house smells good. And I like hole in the wall. 🙂

  10. I like Century Mall because it has let crowd. I can easily browse and shop any day. The ACs are really cool and the movie house is not too crowded too. It’s just right. 🙂

  11. I already visited Century City Mall, Its not crowded, you can actually relax there. Its great place to bring your special someone here

  12. Century City Mall is perfectly awesome for shoppers and movie goers because it has a great ambiance and truly relaxing place less hassle, less crowd and could bring my kids with me very accessible mall that is safe and secured..

  13. Century City Mall is perfect for shoppers who want a relaxed atmosphere, less crowd, stress-free parking, and clean toilets without paying a fee. That is why we enjoy going to this mall

  14. for me Century City Mall is. my favorite,because the mall is humongous, and spacious they organized the layout is very simple and they can give you maps in the concierge counter,we never run out of the things to do here, there are cinemas,a number of. arcaded where the young at heart can play video games to their hearts content,the restaurant,bookstores,especially its provide good choice for shopping to buy my favorite clothes..

  15. I think Century City Mall is the next place to be! I’ve been there just recently and will definitely be back for sure.
    Super love the structure, design and interiors. Not too crowded and the shops are just great. I especially love Hole in the Wall with a wide selection and a great variety of food that’s very different from the usual.

  16. Century City Mall is a small store that sells stylish items and comes with a supermarket, fashion brands, dining destinations, coffee shops, cinemas and an events area. A smaller version of the Power Plant Mall, malls of style and elegance 🙂

  17. CENTURY CITY MALL is a place one shopper is dreaming to visit like me. I haven’t visited this one but in this review, I noticed the good design, new ambiance and a must-see products. I wish to go there for my bday this Feb. Hoping to win.

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