Like any other woman, I like to look at fashion magazines, check out the entertainment channel and scour stores for the latest in clothing.  I like to be updated on trends but I don’t necessarily follow them.    Trends are seasonal, fashion fleeting but style defines a woman, I think.  My style bible is  sacrosanct and only preaches classic cuts and dark hues (but alas, I’ve allowed some bright colors to filter in — which some friends say is a good thing!). I’m a cross between a sailor and a vampire because of my affinity to stripes and everything black and blue.
There is a fashion staple however that continues to hound me.  I’ve seen it over and over and it keeps on coming back in one form or another.  I’m talking about animal prints.  Some years ago, I came across a fashion advice column by Lucy Torres- Gomez.  She said that she will never wear anything with animal prints.  I forget now exactly her reason, but what she said stuck with me.
Lately, however, I’ve been seeing pictures on PINTEREST and all the shops seem to be carrying something with animal print on it.  Because I’m not sure that if I am “capable’ of wearing anything  cheetah, leopard or zebra (the latter to me is the most acceptable of all),  I have unconsciously bought  some but have kept them at bay.  SO PLEASE, PLEASE tell me what you think  — Should I  allow this print to be part of my  closet space?

INTO THE WILD (in small doses)

Leopard clutches by Suite Blanco, Snake leather clutch from VITO STUDIO, and Tiger minaudiere from Aranáz


Wore this inconspicuous panther ring at the Rihanna concert.


My roar-ing finds at the H&M showroom.


THE BQP COLLECTION  – The only thing I’m comfortable wearing are shoes with animal prints. Leopard heels by Christina Siriano, Snake print shoes by Charles and Keith and Snow leopard flats from Banana Republic.


Tried this yesterday at ZARA and loved it. This could be the one!

Ladies and fashion connoiseurs, should I succumb to the call of the wild? 🙂
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  1. Animal prints shoes go well with plain clothes (no other patterns); they go well with jeans and formal pants/clothes, too. You can carry it off pretty well.

  2. I say venture to the wild side. It could be fun to be unexpected. My take on fashion is to wear what you love and I love animal prints! I am literally green with envy for the shoes..and drooling over all the things on this page.

  3. The Zara feline top fits perfectly on you. I must say that animal print is timeless coz its been there through the years. Got one from Zara 3 yrs ago and is still wearable now.

    1. All the comments make sense, Paulyne. Wear clothes with simple lines, cut, and color then pair them with these statement shoes. And if there is someone who can get away with defying this rule, that would be you. 😉 xx

  4. One sure thing I love every post of the BQP!This one is also amazing…Nice shoes… Since I’m not into heels and wedges, I really like the flat animal print. You look awesome in your ZARA top and now you can start wearing more of that kind of style and design because it perfectly suits you. No more worries 🙂
    Animal prints are fashion trends that never go out of style. For sure you will love the colors because most of them are like neutrals – they’re made up of brown, beige and black. They’re seasonless and you can wear them with almost anything plus it add a little edge to your wardrobe.
    Great post BQP! I trust your fashion sense.

  5. Love the snake skin shoes from charles and keith, Khloe Kardashian has one like it! I love animal print too, sometimes a little too much that my daughter calls my closet a jungle already.

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