Summer is fast approaching! Have you thought about which activities to enroll your kids in?  Why not try music lessons?  My son M has been playing the piano for close to six years now.  From having a longer attention span,  improving  and complimenting  his  math skills and  making him more confident – the benefits of playing an instrument are countless.  Studies show that  musicians get a  full brain work out everytime they put their skills to use.  It’s like lighting a thousand fireworks inside their brains!
Here are some of the advantages I have observed as a parent.
Improved Behavior
M started very young. At five he would fidget in his seat, slouch his back and run his fingers all over the keys when he gets frustrated.  Now at eleven, he is able to sit for hours practicing a piece (or doing his assignments).  Music lessons have also taught him to be patient and, good or bad , he has developed perfectionist tendencies.  If he misses a note, he goes back to the beginning and starts again.

M in his solo performance on the baby grand at the biggest musical event of their school.

Channeling Your Child’s Energy
All boys are born energetic!  Learning how to play the violin, flute or piano makes them focus their energy positively.  They will also be ambidextrous which is also helpful in other areas od heir lives –say in sports.
Music and Math
Both disciplines go hand in hand.  Learning notes, beats, scales, rhythm/runs  teaches kids about the fundamentals of math (addition, division), fractions,  and sequential patterns.   If you want your child to be good in music and math,  they have to be confident  at doing both at an early age.
M commits every piece to memory. It’s as if playing an instrument allows his brain to have multiple storage bins and he is able to pick which box to open for whatever it is he needs.
 This highly insightful video (from TEDed) explains in depth he effects of playing an instrument:

How playing an instrument benefits your brain

Boosts Confidence
 You can gauge your child’s personality by his willingness to perform on stage.   Some need coaxing, some just won’t do it while others are just comfortable under the spotlight.  In whatever category your children may belong,  learning to play an instrument will add to their confidence.   An appreciative applause after a good performance in a recital will surely be another kind of music to their ears.
Here is M playing on keyboards during his recital at age 8.  If you should hear someone singing along –that’s his proud dad. 🙂

Inigo’s music Ngayon at kailanman

The truth is I wanted M to play the piano because it’s one of my greatest frustrations in life. When I see his fingers gliding effortlessly across the piano keys and hear his music echo all throughought the house, my heart is filled with joy.  I hope that when I grow old, he will still play for Mommy.
Thank you, my dearest readers, for being with me in this journey .  This is my 100th blog.  Your support means everything. 🙂
With my heartfelt gratitude,
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  1. Great article …fitting for a 100th post. I love how ‘Dad’ got so into the recital that he sings along. Also can tell, how proud he was

  2. Bravo! Well done BQP! To many more years of positivity, generous sharing, truth well told and great story telling!
    May your work continue to inspire us all. Keep it up BQP! =)

  3. Thank you for sharing this Paulyne :). I agree with you. And you inspire me to suppport my kids’ interest in playing musical instruments (Rico plays acoustic, electric and bass guitars while Anika plays the lyre in school 🙂 ). I guess it helps rico manage his teenage anxieties hehe. Kudos to you! 🙂

  4. Signature excellent reading as always by BQP! Thank you! We eagerly await your next 100 posts 🙂 <3

  5. Amazing! Something for every parent to consider. the problem is getting them to continue after the summer music lesson. I guess it’s also the child’s interest in playing the instrument. He/She has to like it. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Congratulations BQP! Looking forward for more interesting and knowledgeable features from you.
    This one is amazing, heart warming and very knowledgeable. Now,I know that instruments benefit our brain. The two videos are great specially the recital piece of M. Proud parents!
    Thanks for always sharing wonderful articles BQP!

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