Beauty experts say that women should start taking care of their skin as early as their 20’s.  Sunscreen, moisturizers, day and night creams – these are our bestfriends.  Starting young will reap great benefits in the future,  so I’ve read.  When a woman reaches her thirties, more products have to be applied and the importance of quality of sleep comes in.  We do get busier with every passing year.   I will admit to being  decades late in heeding the aforementioned .  I’m a bathe-and-go girl.  I don’t like to fuss with my hair  and have even less time to memorize what product to put on my face during  what part of the day.  My inaction, of course, has resulted to some skin problems.
The Orogold Standard
I was introduced to Orogold products and treatments by a friend.  During one of our lunches, I commented on how her skin looked so radiant.  She did not have any make-up on, by the way.   Curious and because I’ve been noticing two lines on my forehead when I squint, I decided to visit the Orogold Cosmetics boutique in Century City.

24K Vitamin C Cleanser – This product is enriched with vitamin c and submicro-meter sized gold particles. I love the way it smells on my skin! It removes make-up, dirt and excess oils.

“Skincare is something every woman must embrace.  It’s a must to have even just a basic daily regimen.  You can’t expect to have glowing skin if you don’t give it the proper nourishment,” says Marie Claire Ortega, Mall operations and Marketing Manager of Orogold Cosmetics.   “Our specialists are all trained to examine the skin of our clients before recommending which products and treatments to avail of.”  I try to wiggle my way back to my old excuse ,  “I’m so tamad (lazy) to put products on my face.  Is there a quick fix?”  She laughs at me and urges me to try their “very basic” products .  A year later this reluctant user is a believer and a convert.

24K Deep Peeling Gel – Dry cells are removed to reveal youthful skin. Designed to polish the skin without stripping vital oils. I use this every two weeks or when I have a big event to attend

Skin Like a Queen’s
All Orogold products have gold particles in them. Gold has long been known for its beautifying properties. Did you know that ethereal beauty CLEOPATRA was said to have slept in a mask of gold to preserve her youth?  Using  the latest in technology, a new collection has been introduced to the market whoch  allows us to experience  Cleopatra-like luxury via the 24K Cleopatra Nano Regimen.
The indulgent pampering  included applications of serums,  creams,  gold sheets and facial massages.  After my treatment,  my skin felt refreshed, tight and baby soft.  What I liked about these new system of beauty skin care is that my skin had the same suppleness weeks after.   You can opt to have the treatments done in the boutiques or enjoy an ultimate spa day at home!

Invest in your skin ! Here I am trying out the Cleopatra Nano Regimen treatment at the Orogold Cosmetics VIP lounge.


24K Cleopatra Nano Regimen- Indulgent, transforming and delivers immediate and long-lasting results.

One thing I seem to have done right over the years is that I’m a big water drinker.   Now I know that if we add lemons to water, the benefits multiply.  Nobody wants to grow old before their time.  Therefore, it’s a must to take care of our bodies, regardless of our age, so that we can put on our best faces everyday!
Visit  Orogold Cosmetics at G/F of Century City Mall or L2  Midtown Wing, Robinsons Place Manila.  Orogold Exclusive is located at G/F Newport Mall, Resorts World.
With a pocketful of glitter,
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