Soccer moms, baseball moms, basketball moms – these are how mothers who chaperone their sons to practices and games of their  chosen sports are called.  Then there’s us – the swim moms.  I must say that we are a different breed.   Being a swim mom requires a tremendous amount of patience and an endless supply of sunblock.  Unlike other sports where  games are scheduled, swimming competitions last for hours on end.  Waiting for your kid’s particular heat under the blazing heat (pun intended) is really something one needs to get used to.  Aside from the time, the scorching sun (indoor competitions are few) and supporting your child’s passion for his sport, there’s the expenses.  My 12 year old son has been swimming half his life and my now 5 year old girl has just taken up the sport.  Unfortunately, their schools don’t have pools and I had to make them join a team in an exclusive club so they can train regularly with accredited swim coaches.  Aside from that, attention must be given to the gear required for training. Goggles, kickboard, poolbuoy, fins, bands etc.  Of utmost consideration , however, is the kind of swimsuit that they have to wear to minimize the “drag”.  Frictional drag results from the constant rubbing against the water molecules by the swimmer’s body which slows forward motion.  As the swimmer moves faster through the water, the drag starts to build.  A fraction of a second matters in competitions so serious swimmers have to invest in the right kind of swimsuit.

Local champion swimmers Ariana Canaya and Courtney Gray in neon swimwear from Turbo.

Over the years, I’ve bought different brands of swimwear for my kids but one stands out in particular in terms of overall quality.  “Turbo is synonymous to supersonic energy and speed – much like a high powered –engine.  We use the best fabric in the market (100% PBT polyester).  Some athletes have even christened our suits as the toughest there is! Stretch  it, pull it, wear it daily for a year or even store it for a long time and you can see that it keeps its perfect form. No wrinkling, drying out or discoloring whatsoever. More importantly, it significantly lessens the drag,” says champion swimmer, national water polo player and CEO of Turbo Phils Dale Evangelista.  “Turbo originated from Spain focused mainly on customized swimwear catered to  both professional and recreational swimming and water polo players and enthusiasts.  After its success in Europe, it has its expanded its business globally and now offers all kinds of swim training materials and accessories for the youth and adult segments.   The brand is also  known for fashion forward swimming apparel and can customize designs for a whole team or club. Turbo can even produce just 1 swimsuit so you can feel unique and special!”

Red, white and blue! Swimsuits, caps and backpacks are available too!

To add to its credentials, Turbo is worn by the national water polo teams of Spain, USA, Russia, Croatia Montenegro and the Philippines.  Ambassadors of the brand include two of the  most promising swim sirens and bemedalled pool darlings of our country – Courtney Melissa Tan Gray and Ariana  Mikaela Canaya. Both Filipinas boast of a long list of achievements and have garnered awards in the swimming arena locally and internationally.

Starting early in the sport. Pool Princess Courtney Gray with my daughter.

As a longtime swim mom, I like Turbo for its durability.  I find that I don’t need to buy swimsuits as often as I used to. The brand is priced reasonably and because of its excellent performance, has proven to be good value for money.  It’s definitely a prize find for a practical mom like me!

Colorful sling bags, water polo cap and baseball cap

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