Why do Pinoys love sad songs?  And on Valentine’s day too!  This question was posed by Gary Valenciano last Friday night to his fellow singers on stage. At the ULTIMATE concert.  Martin  Nievera quipped , “It’s because we love to relive our heartbreaks over and over again .”   Lani Misalucha and Regine Velasquez both nodded in agreement.  The four , however,  delighted the audience not just with sad songs but with hits from their private repertoire,  the “best love songs” as compiled by Ryan Caybyab (who played centerstage on a white grand piano),  teleserye  theme songs, and so much more.
The four sang “In the Name of Love” by U2, “Stay With Me” by Sam Smith and “Talking Out Loud” by Ed Sheeran in the opening segment of the show.  This set the mood for the entire night.

Opening the concert with a string of international hits.

The second set featured Ikaw and lahat sa Akin (Martin), Ikaw lang ang Mamahalin (Lani), Ang Kailangan Ko’y Ikaw (Regine ) and Gary’s  heartpulling rendition of  Sana Maulit Mulli.

Still as energetic as ever!

I thoroughly enjoyed the third set with  Martin and Lani performing songs from their Vegas stint –“It’s not Unusual and  “Proud Mary” respectively.  After this, Martin sang his signature hits “How Can I?” and  “Say that You Love Me”  I could hear the hubby singing along to my left.
Gary impressed the crowd with his app that recorded the three other singers’  beatbox debut.  They all sang Pharell’s  “Happy” using that as background.

Regine and Gary in a duet.

Highlights of the show included Martin’s rendition of  “This is the Moment” to honor the Fallen 44, Gary singing “ Take Me Out Of the Dark” and  Regine ‘s tearful “If You Go Away”.  The night, however, belonged to  Asia’s Nightingale Lani Misalucha.  From doing unbelievable operatic vocalization, to rapping “Sirena” by Gloc 9 (which sent the audience into frenzy) to her jaw dropping performance  of Whitney Houston’s  “I Will Always Love You” – Ms. Misalucha is truly a world-class act and in a league all her own.  It was evident even to her co-performers.  Regine  jokingly cried “Wahhh.. Mama!!!” after Lani performed because she knew she had to put on her game face since she had to sing next.  She didn’t disappoint with “I Don’t Wanna Miss a Thing. “

She gave one awesome performance after another!

Two divas.  These gowns looked oh-so-pretty on stage.

 The night ended with paper hearts falling from the rafters of the Mall of Asia Arena while the quartet sang   One Voice”.

It truly was a magical night.  The best Valentine’s concert I’ve seen thus far.  I hope there will be a repeat!


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  1. i am so jealous ate p! been wanting to see these guys! how i wish they have a repeat in the coming months for my holiday!

  2. I’ve watched their concert individually and no wonder they rock the stage as they all perfomed! Very powerful voice of Lani Misalucha and Regine Velasquez plus great moves of Gary V and very cool voice of Martin Nievera…Perfect!
    I love Lani and Regine’s gowns too. They look fabuous and elegant 🙂
    Thank you for sharing BQP! Eventhough, I wasn’t able to watched it I had a glimpse on how the concert went. Great!!! 🙂

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