“I want everyone to wear what they want and mix it in their own way.  That to me is modern. “ – Karl Lagerfeld, designer at the House of Chanel
From helping his mom manage a small boutique in Pampanga to selling clothes from the trunk of his car  to joining bazaars in Greenhills, Ronald V. Pineda has certainly come a long way.   His  clothing brand FOLDED & HUNG (F&H) now has 64 stores nationwide and his empire is expanding by the day.
A visit to the F&H flagship store in Glorietta  proved to be quite the experience for me.   I was amazed at how select items can be mistaken for pieces from international brands (you’ll see later just what I mean).  “The brand stands for high street style.  The line is stylish yet comfortable,  youthful yet confident and the quality is certainly worth the customer’s money,” Ronald says emphatically.  “All my siblings have a hand in running the business.  My sister Claudette is in charge of women’s wear, while my brother Fel is the finance head.  My other JR designs the menswear line. Alan Vianzon, my business partner, is responsible for marketing.  Our combined efforts have made F&H the brand it  is today.”
From the myriad of choices in the store, I put together over  a dozen looks. Taking the cue from Mr. Lagerfeld, I mixed and matched the pieces. Here are my top picks from F&H.
Creme of the CROP

L- Burgundy box crop top with stitching detail (P899) paired with black jogger pants (P899). This look is sleek and confident. Wear heels and a clutch to complete the easy sophisticated vibe. R- Black box crop top (P899) and white cotton shorts (P699). A fun look for the weekend!  Big tote bag  with studs (P999).


SHOW OFF JUST ENOUGH SKIN. Everyone – from Jennifer Aniston to Miley Cyrus to Sarah Hyland (Modern Family) loves to wear the crop. Throw in a blazer for cooler nights and this informal get-up can take you to a night out with friends. Crop top and Skirt Set (P749).


GIRL AROUND TOWN. The Chevron maxi (P1,149) and the dainty flower long dress (P1,149) are simply too pretty to pass up !


MUST BUY! How fun are these jackets done in colorful blooms? Upper row – both from F&H. Bottom row – both from ZARA. Same look , different price points. I bought the blue jacket on the top left!


L- Blue floral jacket (P1299) wit skinny dark jeans (P899) R- Red floral jacket (P1299) with black jogger pants (P899)


FH Stripes and Plaid
CASUAL CHIC. Clean and hip. Again, I mixed and matched the pieces to create many looks. (L-R) 1. Blues and White stripe blouse (P799) with white skinny jeans (P1199) 2. Red and Blue Plaid shirt 3. Plaid top with number paired with distressed denim shorts. 4. Tan and Blue stripe top (P799) with denim shorts.

BLACK AND WHITE (The Luxe Collection)

From the pre-holiday collection comes these festive bejewelled tops.


Love, love, love this black and white mini shift dress(P1399)!


White cotton shirt with faux leather printed sleeves. You have to see and touch the textile to appreciate the “luxe” feel.

JACKET OVER JUMPSUIT. Now put on this beautiful tan faux leather jacket with iron on print (P1799) to complete the chic look. This ensemble will surely make it in my luggage for my holiday trip!

1. Which piece/s did you like from this feature and why?
LEAVE YOUR ASWERS ON THE BLOG! Best comments will be chosen.
It’s my goal to invade the international market.  F&H will be ready in a few years to go global.  We have a distinct look,  we observe the highest quality in our pieces, and  we have the passion to drive the brand as far as it can go.  Lastly, we can also boast of a very competitive price point ,” an excited Ronald shares.  I asked him if he will consider producing scents or maybe  even a home line.  “Why not?  I’m claiming it now that all these are possible.  I’m open to all of the blessings of the universe!”
Congratulations to you, my friend!  Your positivity is inspiring.  Cheers to your success Ronald and to the the blessings that are yet to come!

FH collage
With the brilliant RONALD PINEDA and some of Folded and Hung’s celebrity endorsers.


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  1. Love the floral jackets. It is very versatile. Can wear it from day to night. Add it to basic pieces and it can transform your outfit to an ultra chic one! :))

  2. Love the floral jackets. It so appealing & versatile…its something that i can wear from work to a dinner date with additional jewelries it will look more fabulous!☺

  3. Love your styling, BQP! Didn’t know F&H have the most latest trend. Especially love the cropped top, floral and the faux leather jackets. . . great for work and beyond. Definitely heading for F&H soon.

  4. Jacket over jumpsuit is love for me especially this holiday season. I can’t wait to visit F&H soon 🙂 Thank you BQP for the awesome read.

  5. Love the way you styled the clothes! So effortless! That burgundy top is catching my eye. Will go well with a skirt, I think.

  6. I can see myself wearing the Luxe Collection and the floral jacket. Folded and Hung is updated in style yet affordable. Such a good combination.

  7. I was really impressed with your styling BQP. Great! Having a hard time to decide on what to choose 🙂 All clothes are nice.

  8. I’m running to the F&H flagship store this weekend. Will definitely get a hold of the Luxe collection and the jacket! Great styling you have here! 🙂 Keep it up BQP! Stay Fab as always 🙂

  9. Can’t figure out what to choose from the different styling you made. I’ve several choices. The first one is the “Overall” because I love spaghetti straps and I think it will perfectly match the doll shoes I bought recently.
    Second, The Casual Chic – tan & blue stripe top with denim shorts. This is perfect for gigs. I can pair this with a doll shoes or flip flops.
    Your styling plus the mix and match was simply fabulous. Thanks BQP for sharing this to us 🙂

  10. I love the floral jackets!! I love folded & Hung because of their versatile designs. This can save you from buying Zara clothes (although I admire their originality hehe!) Plus it can save you a lot more!

  11. I love the Chevron maxi. It’s comfy yet stylish. Something I can wear on a lazy weekend stint.

  12. I love the Floral Jackets very trendy I can pair it with shorts & plain maxi dress and very affordable and good to wear this Ber Months because it’s getting cold already.

  13. Floral jacket looks cool and fabulous I could wear it especially during work its easy to pair it and you could whatever combination to style with and add accesories so classy and trendy, ooh I cant wait to wear those cute floral jacket.

  14. I really LOVE the Red floral jacket (P1299) with black jogger pants (P899).So fab and chic.Can wear it daytime or night time.Just my dream outfit..And i really Love Folded and Hung

  15. Love the dainty flower long dress. Looks comfortable to wear and its affordable price. More power Folded and Hung!!!….

  16. I want the STRIPES AND PLAID Because this is a perfect gift for our wedding anniversary at same time as my birthday gift for my one and only woman in my life- my wife .

  17. i want Stripes and Plaid . the combination of Tan and Blue stripe top with denim shorts.its very cool and fashionable.party go!!

  18. I like the Maximize the most. Living in a tropical country, we need clothes that can make us feel more comfortable and fresh. I like going to the beach too so this is my style <3

  19. I love the Versatile FOLDED AND HUNG BLACK AND WHITE (The Luxe Collection)
    From the pre-holiday collection comes these festive bejewelled tops.
    Christmas party is everywhere. I’m excited that they will notice me when I have this one.

  20. I love the Stripes and Plaid, particularly the striped top paired with denim short. So chic and nice. 🙂

  21. Still, I will choose the floral jacket. This is very best for the coming holiday season. Its like adding summer in cold season. It doesn’t look plain. I think that jacket belongs to me..don’t you think so? hehehe.

  22. love the black overall jumpsuit.for me i could look more smaller than my size.i could wear this on any occasion and i accessorize it with my favorite jewelries and bag.for me this piece is versatile.

  23. I love the Luxe tops because it really looks hip and cool. I can wear this every day. 🙂

  24. I love the Floral jacket so much because the design is so exquisite and nice. It looks so comfotable too.

  25. I love the Crop top and Skirt Set because its very trendy and up to date with today’s fashion trend

  26. I love the Floral jackets. It goes well with either a dress, shorts or pants.Any way you wear it, it’s still classy. Christmas is also fast approaching, it will be the perfect jacket for the holiday season.

  27. I’ve been a frequent buyer of their shirts mostly stripes and plain with collar. I never thought that they also have blouse/tops which looks so elegant. Thank you for sharing this fashionable feature BQP.
    It’s hard to choose from the stripes and plaid what blouse will I pick but since my favorite color is blue, I’ll choose the blue and white stripe blouse. It defines me…”very simple” 🙂 I can wear this at work paired with denim pants and flat shoes. My second choice is the Blue Floral Jacket. Christmas Season is fast approaching so I can definitely use it. I love the floral design. It is so identical with the Zara brand. Price is so affordble. The jacket is so beautiful and attractive. I can pair it with what I’m comfortable to wear (pants,shorts and dress)….
    Thank You BQP for the up to dates trendy post and value for money 🙂 Two thumbs up!

  28. I love the Crooped Tops/Luxe Tops..Best pair with jeans :).Best looks that every girl will wear.Easy and comfortable..Casual looks 🙂

  29. I like your post BQP! It’s so stylish and worth the customer’s money. When you mixed and match the pieces it turned out to be fabulous.
    For a change, I chose the crop top and skirt (P749) . Wear it with blazer and this will be a perfect attire for our Christmas Party. Price is affordable. I’ll just need to find a perfect shoes and some accessories to match with it 🙂
    My second choice is the beautiful tan faux leather jacket with iron print. I love jackets. I”ve several in my closet. I used it at the office because our floor is like that I’m inside a big freezer 🙂 The iron print is really eye catching.

  30. The floral jacket is a must-have for me. Aside from it looking so trendy and cute, it will serve it’s purpose. I know we live in a tropical country but believe me, there are times when i step outside and i get cold! I have a low tolerance for cold and i get so cold easily, i sleep with socks, PJ’s and a blanket all night. This jacket will help me stay fashionable while keeping warm and comfy.

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