We’re almost in the three-month mark of the quarantine. Accept it or not, this is going to be the new normal for quite awhile. So many uncertainties remain but it’s high time that we adjust, accept, and make the best choices for ourselves. Health continues to be our main priority, and so is finding our happy place.

Luxe Buys

How about some much needed retail fix? Let your fingers do the tapping, and find the most extraordinary products from around the globe exclusively sold in one fabulous online platform  — HEMERA Philippines.  With high end skincare Orogold Cosmetics as its flagship brand, clients can now purchase from other luxe lines like  fragrances from Parfums De La Bastide. Its formulas are proudly artisanal, preservative free,  and manufactured in small quantities in Provence , France.

Sumsum offers HALVA, a middle eastern dish that dates back to the 7th century and is served as a dessert mixed with fruits.  Treat yourself to dark chocolate halva, berries halva, coffee halva and so much more.

Premier is a skin care company which uses only the most advanced cosmetics technology in combination with famed minerals from the Dead Sea.

Reseveralife  is all about healthy lifestyle experienced through the five senses. It carries a diverse lineup of products ranging from aloe vera soap, hibiscus tea, manicure sets, candles  to aromatherapy oils and yoga mats.

Happy and Luxe – Treat yourself to some retail therapy today!

Mariah Carey swears by Tresore Rare. Treat yourself to skincare products, perfume and masks fit for celebrities and superstars!

Adore Cosmetics carry products that use stem cells found in organic fruits and plants, has vitamin C, bisbalol and other natural nutrients that leave skin feeling fresh and revitalized.

Shoe lovers shout with glee! United Nude carries designer shoes by Issey Miyake, Raiko, Loop, Molten etc.  Cutting edge and modern, the shoes are not for the timid.

Cutting-Edge Shoes from United Nude

Then there’s Herstyler, a brand known for hair styling tools. Herstyler’s extensive product line combines fun and creative designs to ensure that your hair is always looking extra fabulous!

Loving my online purchases from HEMERA Ph!,

Ladies, it’s time to be happy again! Head on to https://www.hemera.ph/ and treat yourselves to luxe buys from Hemera! You can also find HEMERA on Instagram @hemera .

With a pocketful of glitter,




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