Are you a peanut butter junkie? Well, start spreading the news! Cookie’s Peanut Butter is a local brand which prides itself in the  quality of its taste and the use of premium ingredients. Consumers will be glad to know that it is cholesterol free and has zero transfat.

Peanut Butter Love

It all started in 2008 when Joy Abalos-Yatco decided to concoct her own version of the peanut spread that her husband Ruben “Cookie” Yatco loved so much. She toiled and toiled in the kitchen until she perfected her peanut butter recipe. She then shared samples to neighbors and friends. Soon, word spread about the delicious product and orders poured in.

Cookie’s Peanut Butter is made from all natural ingredients, has zero transfat and no cholesterol.

The Yatco couple decided to tweak the recipe some more so that it would appeal to restaurants  who have kare-kare in their menus. More peanuts, less sugar! By 2013, their product was ready for FDA licensing to ensure that every scoop of peanut butter was up to the highest standard in quality. In 2017, husband and wife opened their peanut butter factory in Biñan, Laguna.

Fast forward to today, Cookie’s Peanut Butter is tagged as the “Palaman Ng Bayan” and endorsed by no less than celebrity Alden Richards who is dubbed as the Pambansang Bae. The brand’s ultimate aim is to reach all classes of consumers and be hailed as the “Pambansang Palaman at Panluto nf Bayan.” The bottles even contain a recipe of kare-kare on the label!

Brand Endorser Alden Richards poses with owner Cookie Yatco.

The peanut butter spread comes in 5 sizes and sachet form. The pangluto jars come in 1kilo and 2 kilos. It is now available in all leading supermarkets and groceries including S&R, Lander’s, Rustan’s, Metro, Robinson’s, SM super and hypermarkets and many more.

We have always had different brands of peanut butter in the house but it’s  only Cookie’s Peanut Butter that my teenage son eats straight from the jar. He can finish a small one in one sitting! I had to hide the remaining jars so he wont finish off everything ! Hahaha!  I’ve  also used it for kare-kare and like that it’s not oily and gives a rich peanut butter taste to the sauce.

Palaman Ng Bayan! Cookie’s Peanut Butter is Available in all leading supermarkets now.

As a homemaker, I highly recommend Cookie’s Peanut Butter not only for its great taste and health benefits but also for its affordability. Try it now!

With a pocketful of glitter.




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