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At the media hosting of Wolfgang’ Steakhouse by Wolfgang Zweiner (WS), select guests enjoyed a leisurely six course sit down lunch. Rated as one of the best steakhouses in New York, the restaurant now has nine locations across the United States and nine more in Asia. In Manila, it was at Newport Mall in Resorts World that WS first offered its tasteful menu last 2016 and just a month ago the 10th Asian location followed suit at the vibrant and newly renovated hub, The Podium.
The place lends a masculine and old world charm similar to its locations in New York.   Up to 80 people can comfortably fit in the main dining hall below while the mezzanine can serve as a meeting place or be booked for private events.

“It ‘s the food though that attracts diners old and new to WS and understandably so.”

First to be served was the Seafood Platter (hefty portions of crabs, lobsters and shrimps on a bed of ice), followed by two kinds of salad (Caesar and Beverly chopped) and a very filling barley soup. I only allowed myself small quantities of the aforementioned, knowing full well that the steaks would be making an appearance next. And on cue, there was a decrease in the chatter decibel as the generous cuts of USDA prime dry-aged porterhouse steak and rib-eye steak made its way to our table. To round up the mains, grilled salmon was also served.

Succulent lobster, shrimps and crabmeat


Wolfgang Steakhouse’s Porterhouse Cut


Salad, Salmon and Rib- eye Steak

I thought the salmon was cooked to perfection and the porterhouse simply mouthwatering. My boys (husband and son) are both steak connoisseurs and I can’t wait to let them try WS’ mains. Earlier, I learned that the doneness of choice currently is medium rare plus. I, however, still prefer to have mine cooked medium well. Of the three dessert served (keylime pie, pecan pie and NY cheesecake), the cheesecake was the one I enjoyed to the last bite. Creamy and light, it was worth every calorie. I can’t wait to bring the whole family to Wolfgang Steakhouse. Valentine’s day seems about the perfect time!
Wolfgang Steakhouse is located on the ground floor of The Podium with tel no (02) 505 6272.


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